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Local clubs on guard after recent tragedies: Students have mixed reactions to new safety awareness

Local nightclubs and music venues are doing their part to secure the safety of their patrons following recent events in Rhode Island and Chicago. The question of precautionary measures has been posed at similar clubs accross the nation as well as locally.

Jen D’Imperil, manager at KatManDu in Trenton, was quick to assure club-goers that her club has been thoroughly checked and meets the current standards.

In late February, 21 people were killed and dozens were injured during a stampede inside Chicago’s “E2” nightclub.

Authorities believe security guards used pepper spray to try to break up a fight that reportedly invited shouts about a terrorist attack, causing a death and personal injuries.

“We’ve had our systems and facilities checked again,” D’Imperil said. “And it’s our policy that our guards are not allowed to use pepper spray.”

Shortly after the incident in Chicago, at least 96 were either burned or crushed to death as a result of an intense blaze at The Station in West Warwick, R.I. Great White used pyrotechnics on stage without authorization, setting off the violent flames.

Many students are aware of the danger present when they go out for a night on the town.

“I’m just going to definitely know where all the emergency exits are,” Jackie Tutela, freshman English major, said.

“I just need to make sure I can get to one, God forbid something should happen,” Tutela added.

On the other hand, Ed Marion, sophomore engineering major, doesn’t see the need for additional precautions and says the danger has always been there.

“As long as you’re always cautious there is no reason to upgrade your own security,” Marion said. “Clubs are no more dangerous now than they were before.”

Philadelphia mayor John Street has also taken action towards making nightclubs safer.

According to the mayor’s office, Street has imposed mandatory inspections on every Philadelphia nightclub.

While he hasn’t set a date for these inspections, the mayor’s office guarantees they will take place sometime in the very near future.

Philadelphia clubs, Egypt and Gotham, could not be reached for comment.


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