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Letter to the editor: Michael and Martin – what?

To the Editor:

Over the years, I have seen many letters to the Signal that I wanted to write a response to, but never did. Now I just cannot take the silence anymore. First of all, why is EVERYONE defending Michael Jackson. The man is a horrible human being.

Forget about the rumors about him touching little boys in places where he should not be touching them, the fact that he sleeps in a super hydraulic chamber or whatever he calls it now, and the fact that he has had about 4,972 plastic surgeries in his life.

Also forget about the fact that he has called his home the Never land Ranch and that just a couple of months ago, he almost dropped a baby off a balcony.

The point is, a few years ago, Michael Jackson bought the rights to all of the Beatles songs, outbidding McCartney, Starr, and Harrison. Jackson was there to support his very close friend, Paul McCartney, because they were finally going to be able to own the songs that they made.

Instead, Jackson decided to backstab his close friend and outbid all of the remaining Beatles for the rights to the songs. This, in turn, makes Michael Jackson a horrible human being and he deserves all of the ridicule he gets.

John Martin proves a great point by saying that America is “the greatest civilization in the world.” It is people like this who call french fries “freedom fries.” It’s this stuck-up, snobby, competitive “American” attitude that is the reason that many other nations hate our country.

We think we are the best at EVERYTHING. And what values was our “great civilization” founded upon? Greed, corruption, racism, and deceit. These are the core values of American society. Our government continues these great AMERICAN values by spying on other countries in the United Nations, taping into their telephone calls to see which way that particular country feels about us fighting Iraq. And you wonder why I do not trust our government or support the war.

Steve Wisniewski


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