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Graphic Identity: Ivy, here we come

At the time this went to print, there were 1805 signatures on the Web site protesting the removal of the clock tower logo in favor of the new graphic identity which the College has adopted.

By the time this article is published I am sure there will be far more signatures on the petition, but I, for one, don’t see what the big fuss is about the College’s logo makeover.

I have heard the screams of the graphic design and art departments who claim that the crest is not pleasing to the eye, does not have the correct spacing in the letters and is just plain ugly.

They are proclaiming injustice in the world of art, as are many other artistically challenged students that flat out hate the new logo.

I think the crest is so cute, I like how the “T”, “N” and “J” are all in a diagonal row and the little “C” is lower and not in the row. I feel so bad for the little “C.” It’s very symbolic and represents the feeling of being left out that we all feel at some time or another when we come to college. That “C” represents us, this wonderful crest represents the student body.

That stupid clock tower never sparked such emotions in my heart, except that I would curse it as I ran late to class every day.

I’ve heard a lot of arguments against the crest, and I’ve heard a lot of anger thrown at Gitenstein, but it’s not her fault.

I doubt Gitenstein’s down with the logo, any blame people want to place needs to be placed on Jesse Rosenblum and his cronies from College Relations. I’ve also heard anger at the supposed $15,000-plus that was spent on the logo, but it seems nobody read the e-mail we received from Cindy Friedman, the assistant director of College Relations.

Friedman clearly states that whatever funds were allocated to the redesign of the logo were already allocated prior to the budget crisis, as were the funds that were allocated to the construction.

Although I do think the College could have saved money by utilizing the free talent that is here on this campus, this money was already spent way before the budget crisis of 2003.

What people need to accept is that the College loves to rename stuff – I guess you can call it a hobby. Why can all the students have fun with their hobbies, and the College Relations people not have any fun?

The biggest reason I like the new logo is because it reminds me of Princeton University’s shield logo. I could never get into Princeton University, and this new logo brings me closer to their greatness and I really appreciate that the College has brought me closer to that identity.

We have stolen Princeton’s old name, we have similar mascots so let’s steal their logo to complete the image coup we spend so much time and money on.

This is just one more desperate, yet wonderful attempt in praising the College’s earth god Princeton and I, for one, support it.

As I supported the name changes of Community Commons to Eickhoff Hall and the excellent name change of 31 South to the 1855 Room, I support the new logo. I heart the crest.


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