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Iraq has what we want, and we want it now

Many of us stood by while the election was stolen. Many of us stood by as President Bush appointed an attorney general who has gone on record, according to Charisma Magazine, saying, “It’s said that we shouldn’t legislate morality.”

Well, we disagree, we think all we should legislate is morality.

We’ve stood by as this administration passed the Patriot Act, which has severely limited our civil liberties and allows for the deferral of due process of law.

Not that we should be surprised that this came from an administration headed by a man who has stated publicly, in regards to, criticizing him that “there should be limits to freedom.”

Many of us have stood by as Bush took the time in our nation’s history when we should have had the largest outpouring of sympathy from the international community and turned it into a source of extreme animosity.

Now even the most politically inactive persons cannot stand by as Bush’s regime carries out its agenda of world conquest for oil at the cost of innocent lives and the stability of the international community.

The Bush administration has frequently proven that its interests lie in protecting energy and oil concerns and not the interests of the American people. Remember Enron and Kenny Lay, Bush’s biggest campaign contributors?

And don’t forget Bush and Cheney’s refusal to turn over notes from the energy policy meetings.

Speaking of energy interests, Halliburton’s (the company Cheney was CEO of until 2000, and from which he still receives $1 million a year) subsidiaries were awarded a $1 billion contract to repair the oil industry in Iraq, according to Motley Fool.

These oil fields were among the first targets to be “liberated.” Halliburton was also the company that rebuilt Iraq’s oil industry post-Gulf War.

Can you say “conflict of interest?” (Bush probably can’t, it has too many syllables.)

Now, some people say this war is about preventing terrorism. If terrorism is a byproduct of Anti-American feelings, how will a war that spurred the largest protests internationally in years, quite possibly ever, decrease the threat of terrorism?

It’s funny how any friend of terrorism is an enemy of ours – unless they have oil. Saudi Arabia has been the principal financier of the Taliban since 1996, and has also financed Hamas.

The Saudi government, according to the Cato Institute, has also funded “schools whose students are taught that the United States is the center of infidel power in the world and is the enemy of Islam. Graduates of those schools are frequently recruits for Bin Laden’s al-Qaeda terror network as well as other extremist groups.”

Don’t we still consider Saudi Arabia an ally?

Then again, we are the second largest importer of Saudi oil. So, we guess they can’t be all that bad (at least, for the oil interests.)

If you really want to support our troops, then tell Bush to bring them back now, and if he wants his oil, he can go get it himself, unless it conflicts with his National Guard duties.

Bush, while serving in the National Guard to escape the draft (his daddy got him pushed past the waiting list) went AWOL for a year.

The Boston Globe reports that there are no records of Bush participating in any National Guard activity between 1972 and 1973 while he was still enlisted.

Make love, not profits for the oil industry!


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