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Budget cuts will not affect student activities

The Student Activities Fees (SAF) allotted to College organizations will not be affected by the impending budget cuts, according to Craig Gross, Student Finance Board (SFB) chairperson elect.

“These funds are separate from the College’s normal budget because the SFB has direct discretion on how they are spent,” Gross said. “Therefore, this money is secure.”

Gross said that SAF costs are added to students’ tuition fee by the College.

Ren?e Marchioni, current SFB chairperson, added that this money is collected in the amount of $56.50 per semester.

According to Gross, “SFB has basically been delegated power to appropriate these funds by the President of the College.”

Marchioni said SAF money can be allotted to multicultural groups, organizations, services, clubs, intramurals, sports and communications, such as The Siren and The Lion’s Eye. Altogether, Marchioni said, there are about 200 student organizations that are funded by SAF money.

“The College wouldn’t want these funds to be depleted,” Gross said. “The students need to have things to do on campus. They are a necessity to student services.”

SAF money is allotted to each of these organizations at the beginning of the year during SFB’s annual budget retreat. In addition, Marchioni said, groups can come to SFB to ask for more money to fund new programs for the campus.

According to Marchioni, unlike budget cuts, the base budgets for SAF-funded organizations have for the most part increased this year, with minimal exceptions.

Marchioni said that SFB has also used SAF fees this year in


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