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Peace, love and confusion

Surviving my fourth and final SGA election, I still don’t know what to make of it all.

I would like to congratulate whoever was “Peace” in the “Peace, Love and Happiness” coalition, inevitably invoking the ire of rabid Bush supporters who will likely place her on the Axis of Evil next to Saddam Hussein and Kim Jong-Il. Maybe the three SGA hopefuls would have had more success running on the “Death, Despair and Tax Cuts for the Rich” platform.

Myself, I’m a big fan of Love and I’m hoping to see a lot more of it on campus.

Also, I would love to know how Jesse Place would prevent Screech from coming to our campus next time.

SFB awards a ton of money to CUB every year, along with the other campus organizations. CUB is an autonomous group that determines who they will bring to campus. As far as I know, this process has nothing to do with SGA.

To Place, I’m sorry for picking on you. But this banner was just one of the more blatant offenders. And it looks like CUB is going to book whoever it likes anyway.

I’m reminded of an episode of Doug in which our hero is running for some student leadership position or another and, when his honest campaign wasn’t working, began to promise the students free candy and more days off from school or something equally unrealistic. He became very popular, and realizing that he couldn’t deliver his promises, resigned.

Or, perhaps this is more like Homer Simpson running for sanitation manager by promising incredible services and singing garbagemen, then realizes he can’t make this a reality without money earned from accepting other towns’ garbage, making Springfield into a giant garbage dump.

I do congratulate all of the SGA members for putting in the effort to run for office.

All joking about their campaigns aside, they put in a lot of effort to represent the student body. At least they are above the tactics of professional politicians, who have more bad things to say about their opponents than good things to say about themselves.

I blame the public. A well-informed, interested populace wouldn’t need catchy slogans or clever puns based on last names to drag themselves to the voting machines.

On some level, you can learn a lot about New Jersey or maybe even America as a whole by looking at a part of it. Our grown-up elections are very much the same – full of catchy slogans and sound bites that don’t really tell us much.

And really, what issues does an SGA member have to run on?

It’s not like they’re Fighting Terrorism or Balancing the Budget or anything.

Not to downplay the importance of SGA – it is our representitives to the administration, after all – but there don’t seem like there are any huge ideological divides in SGA, no political parties, not even a decent sex scandal.

If only we found out that one of our candidates supported the new shield logo – now that would be a good show.


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