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Registration late fees continue

Fall registration is here, bringing with it

The fee, which is designed to encourage students to register on time, has been $100 for at least the past three years, according to Caroline Miller, director of Academic Affairs.

“We’re not trying to dig into students’ pockets,” Miller said.

Miller said that the late fee exists to prevent a variety of problems. It cuts down on the number of last-minute classes that must be formed to accommodate students who register late.

Records and Registration cancels courses with low enrollment (usually general education requirements geared toward upperclassmen) at the end of the registration period.

Also, the adjunct professors who would have taught only these classes are fired.

“It’s not fun for anyone to pay extra,” Miller said. “But the late fee serves the purpose of encouraging students to do things on time for the benefit of all students who do things on time.”

The amount was established by the Board of Trustees while the cut-off date for lateness each semester was determined by Records and Registration and Academic Services.

Students can register up until June 1 (44 days after the last official day of registration) for the Fall semester before being charged the late fee.

The extended grace period exists because the College does not receive its tuitions and fees package until June 1. Since students do not yet know the tuition fees for the following academic year, they are not held financially responsible for registering late.

Students who register late for the spring semester are charged the late fee the Monday following the last day of the registration period. Students registering for the summer session are not required to pay late fees.

“I think it’s pointless if someone doesn’t register on time,” David Wetzel, freshman journalism major, said. “(Those who register late) aren’t going to get any of the classes they want. They’re just inconveniencing themselves.”

Though Miller acknowledges that some students are dissatisfied with the late fee system she said that she “would feel worse about not having it.”

The College’s late registration fee is higher than those of most other N.J. state colleges. Rutgers University and Montclair University charge a $50 late fee. Rowan University charges $75.

The late fee is waived for transfer students and for students with special circumstances, such as those who study abroad.

Miller said that the decision to waive is made on a case-by-case basis with waives being granted to those students with legitimate reasons for registering late.

Any proposals for a change in late fee policy must be addressed at the Board of Trustees meeting held in June.

Late registration fee information can be viewed online at http://www.tcnj.edu/~admsys/pdf/billinginfoandpaymentoptions.pdf.


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