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Air-conditioning lacking in summer housing

No air-conditioned housing facilities will be open during the first term of the College’s summer session due to residence hall renovations.

The New Residence Hall, Eickoff and Townhouses South will be closed for the first summer session May 27-June 26 so that they can be repainted, repatched and cleaned for the Fall semester.

All students planning to live on campus during the first term of the summer session will be housed in Centennial Hall, which is not air-conditioned.

“From a caring standpoint, we pay attention (to those halls that are not air-conditioned during the summer),” John Stafford, director of Residence Life, said.

In order to live on campus, these students must either be enrolled in a class or be employed on campus.

Approximately 70 to 100 students enroll in the summer sessions each year.

Stafford said he never heard students complain about lack of air-conditioning.

Students will be able to live in the New Residence, Eickoff and Townhouses South halls during the final two summer sessions, June 30-Aug. 2 and July 7-Aug. 2.

Rutgers University and other N.J. state colleges do not offer air-conditioned housing at any point during the summer session.

The amenity of air-conditioning determines the cost of summer housing at the College.

Air-conditioned rooms cost $18 a day, while those without cost $10.50 a day.

Student workers who run the College during the summer pay a reduced rate of $10 a day for air-conditioned rooms and $5 a day for rooms without air conditioning.

The College charges daily housing rates during the summer because summer students are less likely to live in the residence halls for an entire term.

Also, many camps and conferences are held at the College throughout the summer. Although the College sets student rates through Residence Life and conference rates through Auxiliary Services, both rates function on a daily system.

Stafford pointed out that the summer housing rate system is similar to the system used during the academic year.

The flat rate for housing, not including meal plan fees, is $5,316 a year.

This amount can be broken down into a daily rate of approximately $25 a day (based on an academic year of 209 days).

This rate reflects only a $7 increase from the summer air- conditioned room fee of $18.

Some N.J. colleges operate on the day-by-day fee system for summer housing.

Their rates are similar to those of the College. Rutgers University charges $18 a day for a room, Monclair University charges between $19 and $26 a day, and Stockton College charges $23 a day.

According to Stafford, some colleges charge different rates for different residence halls during the academic year, a practice that is in contrast with the College’s policy.

“The College has a philosophy that every residence hall should cost the same amount regardless of amenities,” Stafford said.


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