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Letter to the Editor: War Protests

To the Editor:

Your April 1 issue told of Associate Professor Landreau of the Modern Language Department and his blocking the doors of the Federal Building in Philadelphia several days earlier, while Professor Dawley of the History Department and others lent support.

It is all well and good to protest peacefully. I have done so on several occasions at this College over the last 38 years. But when anyone interferes with my legal and civil right to enter, leave or use a facility – especially a tax-supported one – then that person has not only broken the law but deserves punishment to the fullest extent of the law. He or she should also expect something more from law-abiding citizens.

Anyone prevented from exercising his or her constitutionally-protected right to freedom of access should feel absolutely entitled to walk over and on such law-breakers.

Joe Ellis

Professor of History


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