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Q&A: Lynch: not afraid to let it all hang out

Angela Molnar: Why not just comedy? What made you mix comedy with music?

Stephen Lynch: It’s just more fun. I like comedy, writing songs and music, so I just put them all together.

Adam Jodon: You started out as a solo act. How do you feel about sharing a stage with Marc now?

SL: It’s great. It’s a lot more fun than playing by myself.

AJ: What is the question you get asked the most regarding your music?

SL: ‘Do you really have one nut?’

Marc Tike (co-performer): ‘Is Stephen gay?’

AJ: How does your family feel about you some of the more offensive songs you do?

SJ: My family is really supportive. They showed up at a show recently and were just great. Honestly, I get more embarrassed playing the songs in front of them than they do.

AM: Are you ever afraid of offending anyone? Has a crowd ever turned on you?

SL: No. People don’t have to listen – they can leave anytime they want. The ones that come now know what to expect.

AJ: What is your favorite song to sing, and which one gets the best reaction?

SL: Lately, I’ve been partial to ‘Dungeons and Dragons;’ that one is fun. And ‘Superhero’ always gets a good response because I get to include the audience.

AJ: How much time do you spend on the average song?

SL: Well, it depends. I can whip one out in like 10 minutes, or I can take up to two months on one. Sometimes I’ll change a line, or even a whole verse in the middle of a tour if I don’t like the way it’s going. It all depends on when inspiration hits.

AJ: How did you and Marc get together?

SL: Well, we’ve known each other for about 10 years. We both grew up in Michigan, and wound up going to school together. And one day we just starting playing together.

AM: You’ve had your own special on Comedy Central and have performed all over the country. What is your favorite venue to perform at?

SL: Yeah, that was fun. I like them all, really. We’ve had a rock club tour, which was really fun. We’ve played in the House of Blues. I also like the colleges.They are always a fun crowd.


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