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Portera: I am nothing without Gorski

Nadia Gorski, former executive vice president, was sworn in by Chris Portera as the new executive president at Wednesday’s meeing. Portera, former executive president, thanked many members individually, including his fellow executive board members and Gorski, saying, “without you I was nothing.” Laughter, memories and tears were shared by members of the SGA at the last official meeting for the 2002-03 board.

Portera also said he was proud to have “served students the best way (we) knew how.”

All new members were then sworn in by Gorski.

She finally called the first official meeting of the 2003-2004 academic term to order.

As the new members took their seats around the table, Gorski gave her inaugural speech, saying, “it is time to envision our future goals.”

She welcomed the new members as “part of the SGA team,” and the remaining agenda was tabled for next week.

Wednesday was the last good-bye for members who will be graduating in May, so some gave speeches.

Sophomore Jesse Place, speaker of the senate, set the tone with a prepared speech turned roast, where he teased fellow members with recollections from the past year.

Junior Monique Manfra, alternate student trustee, thanked friends in SGA, especially senior Rohit Thawani, student trustee, for all the wisdom he has given her.

Junior Christina Puglia, vice president of community relations, said she had “never hated and loved a group so much.”

The three members of the senior class council, Tracy Lomax, Ema Puskas and Karin Martin, also thanked SGA .

Portera recounted accomplishments of SGA from his time as president, including the revamped Web site, the summer retreat and the Florida conference.

In tradition, he left Gorski a list of 10 goals for the next academic year.

Before the meeting was adjourned, there were two constitutions that were approved.

One of the organizations, Vox, is the ‘voice of Planned Parenthood’ and has the purpose of educating the campus about reproductive rights.

The other is club softball, which gives the opportunity for students on campus to play more competitively.

Both VOX and club softball are now official organizations on campus.


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