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Monthly Archives: August, 2003

Lions forfeit due to academic ineligibility

During summer break, the College announced that it had forfeited five men's tennis matches and all 34 games of the softball season due to a secondary violation in each sport. The College self-reported the violations to the NCAA after one player from each team was academically ineligible to compete.

Two in athletic department receive awards

Sharon Pfluger and Ann King have both been recognized for the dedication and hard work for the College's athletic department. Sharon Ffluger, the College's head field hockey and women's lacrosse coach, will be inducted into the National Field Hockey Coaches' Association (NFHCA) Hall of Fame Class of 2003, along with four other women at the NFHCA Awards Luncheon.

College places third for Director’s Cup

The College's athletic teams took third place in the race for the 2002-2003 National Association of Collegiate Directors of Athletics (NACDA) Director's Cup with 695.75 points. The third place finish marks the fifth straight third place NACDA Director's Cup finish for the Lions' making them one of two Division III programs to have finished in the top four in every year of the Directors' Cup.

Play home or away

Athletic competitions are some the most entertaining happennings of College life, but not enough students take advantage of this. Here is a list of the top five games or matches that you must catch if you are a Lions fan. Most end early enough to catch some amazing after parties.

Lions expect strong season Fall 2003

Football The Lions enter the 2003 season after coming back from a 6-3 record last year, in which the College tied for second place in the New Jersey Athletic Conference (NJAC). With 27 letter winners and 17 starters returning, the Lions football team is hoping to make a run to win the NJAC title.

Don’t punch your local cashier, please

Her face turns red, her hands clench, and she is about to let loose a huge temper tantrum right there in front of all the clerks and shoppers in the store. This is not a spoiled child who is upset because her mother won't let her get a toy. This is not the over tired toddler who needs a nap.

Summer political heat comes to an end

Politically, you could say it was a very eventful summer. Well, it was for me anyway. I thought I would steal the Sports Editors idea and do a little recap of the summers' political events (the only difference between those Sporty ones and me is I actually paid a bit of attention).

College breaks ground for new apartments

Ground has been broken on site for the new parking deck, which will replace lots 6, 6A and 6B and the apartment complexes behind the Pennington Road transfer housing. According to John Stafford, director of Residence Life, the new apartments will add 600 beds to the campus and will be for junior and senior students only.

New IDs try to thwart social security number theft

Students at the College will no longer need to be as concerned about social security number (SSN) theft. According to Frank Cooper, director of Records and Registration at the College, students will now have a choice in protecting themselves and their identies.

Residence Life reforms move-in procedures

While freshman class numbers have allowed for significant residence hall reorganization, a new early arrival system has increased the safety and organization of upperclassmen arrivals. Freshman move-in day According to John Stafford, director of Residence Life, this year's freshman move-in day went smoothly.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year

The end of August is a time of intense heat, humidity and mosquitoes. But for many people this last stretch of summer holds an even more ominous undertone. Lurking on the horizon are the three words everyone has dreaded since the first September they learned the alphabet song, the nutritional value of crayons and the joy of snack time - back to school.

Meet me in outer space

Once in a lifetime? How about once in a thousand lifetimes. That's how often Mars comes within 35 million miles of Earth. And on Aug. 27, humans will be able to view the Red Planet as close as Neanderthals saw it 60,000 years before. An opportunity to witness the phenomenon that will probably only be seen by 1,000 generations superceding ours should be taken advantage of.

The best of summer film

On DVD / Video: "Chicago" An Academy Award-winning musical that is packed with blazing melodrama, high-powered dance numbers and plenty of pizzaz. "Bowling For Columbine" The Academy Award-winning documentary by Michael Moore is funny, controversial, relevant and just plain worth seeing.

A return to innocence and fairytale fun

Like the first sip of a frozen milkshake or the stomach-churning sensation of a glittering carnival ride, Brittney Murphy's latest flick, "Uptown Girls," provides us with an instant ticket back to the heady excitement, reeling confusion and playful magic of childhood.
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