November 26, 2020

Interactive radio, on air and on campus

August 25, 2003 Dan Brady 0

College radio station WTSR ran special programming during Welcome Week including live broadcasts from remote locations and contests with giveaway prizes.

Music Director Sean Wilson said WTSR management viewed Welcome Week as an opportunity to be a part of the College community and to expose the freshmen to a unique music experience. […]

The bumper crop of blooming creativity

August 25, 2003 Dan Brady 0

Summer in the music industry is normally dominated by tours and music festivals like Lollapalooza, Bonnero and this year’s doomed Field Day. While most bands are busy on tour, some spend some time in the studio and squeak out a gem or two when no one’s looking. […]

Unpaid internship

August 25, 2003 Kristina Fiore 0

Sure, I love being a slave to other peoples’ desires. Just tell me what to do – anything you want, I’ll be right at your feet. I’m yours. My only purpose in this life is to serve you, master.

Some people expect this to be the common scenario of an unpaid internship. […]

Minimum wage

August 25, 2003 Melissa Hernandez 0

This summer was the summer from hell.

Whoever said getting an easy job for a few extra bucks was simple obviosly has never been in my shoes.

I had the worst experience working not as an itern (i.e. slave) for a big company but rather, get this, RETAIL!

I would wake up every morning at 9:00 a. […]

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