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Monthly Archives: September, 2003

Lions find success in the Bronx at the New York Invitational

The Lions cross country team had incredible success at the New York Invitational held on Saturday in a field of 23 teams. The meet was held at Van Cortlandt Park in the Bronx. The College's women's cross country team tied for first place.

When push comes to shove, don’t drive on grass and mud

The game wasn't the only excitement at this past Saturday's club field hockey game, which took place at approximately 12 p.m. on Green Lane Fields. During the game, which pitted the College's Lions against the University of Delaware's Fighting Blue Hens, a player was injured.

Women’s ruggers tally five tries in rival match

The College's Women's Rugby Club faced St. Joseph's University this past Saturday, defeating them with a sore of 25-5. During the Fall 2000 and Fall 2001 seasons, St. Joseph' beat the Lions for the Division III Championship. St. Joseph's took first in the Westchester Tournament defeating the College, who took second.

Freshman Mullin leads Lions to victory over Pioneers

Famous American cyclist, Greg LeMond, once said that experience is the most important part of racing. Experience might be the most important part of racing, but freshman forward on the College's women's soccer team, Christine Mullin, proved that she can do just fine without it on the soccer field.

Lions sweep Ramapo

The women's tennis team continued to roll with a 9-0 win over Ramapo College on Sunday. The victory brings the Lions to 2-0 on the year and extends their New Jersey Athletic Conference (NJAC) winning streak to 97 matches. In sweeping all nine matches, the Lions posted seven shutouts, including all three doubles matches.

Men’s offense shut down: Lions tie Pioneers, lose to Ducks

The men's soccer team faced the William Paterson University Pioneers in a scoreless game that ended in a tie after going into two overtime periods on Saturday. The Lions' record now stands at 2-5-1. Junior goalie Rich Adams kept the Pioneers from scoring with 10 saves.

How to become a devout sports fan

Life as a fanatic fan can be hard work, and the true test comes when your favorite team is losing. Being a sports editor and a trained journalist I learned you have to remain unbiased in your reporting. However, it's hard to remain biased when you are obviously going to root (secretly if necessary) for your school's teams to win.

College loses lead during second half

The Lions 24-7 halftime lead wasn't enough to hold off the LaSalle University Explorers for a third straight win. The Explorers scored 21 second-half points to defeat the No. 24 ranked Division III Lions, 28-27. The Lions (2-1 overall, 1-0 New Jersey Athletic Association) and the Explorers (1-2) have never met on the football field.

Nothing is too queer for pop culture’s eye

Tuesday night is always a very exciting night at my house. Not because we don't have class on Wednesday (because we all do), but because the best show on television is on. Normally, I watch very little TV, ranging from CNN in the morning to my strange obsession with VH1 shows.

Reefer is dangerous any way you smoke it

Just when you thought America's socialist neighbor, Canada, could not go any further into the deep intellectual abyss of liberalism, they distribute marijuana. But here's a shocker: some marijuana advocates have turned down legal marijuana. According to the Drudge Report, which obtained the story from the Canadian Press, the Canadian government provided marijuana to its citizens to treat sometimes-dubious medical symptoms.

Frat posters pussy out and lose credibility

"Don't Be A Pussy! Be a Panther" read the flyer I saw posted in my residence hall, and later noticed all over campus. An advertisement for the fraternity Alpha Psi Chi, the flier also featured a heavily muscled depiction of the forementioned member of the feline family.

No worthy opponent has surfaced yet

As if the field of candidates were not crowded enough, former NATO Supreme Commander Wesley Clark recently announced that he would become the 10th candidate for the Democratic nomination for President in 2004. Clark has to make a case for his campaign, but his anouncement comes at such an early stage that voters should give his campaign some time and consider the three other candidates who actually have a good chance of winning the nomination: John Kerry, Howard Dean and Joseph Lieberman.

Dunk pricey cookies in rotten milk

I love the complimentary newspapers in Eickhoff. The College actually listened to one of my suggestions last year on those little comment cards. It seems that Sodexho actually opens the comment boxes. Unfortunately, just about everything else our dining service does seems wrong.

Hallelujah! It’s raining meteorologists: Wet and wild

Rain is teeming down in buckets and the wind is blowing leaves and debris all over the place. My first reaction? I have to get inside - I can't get my hair wet! While I might be a Bergen County priss who despises the minute that the humidity level rises to over 70 percent, there is something about all the Hurricane Isabel coverage that makes me want to be a storm-chasing reporter.
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