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Brother White should not have spoken so soon

Reading the Freshman issue of The Signal brought back memories of my freshman year.

The first time I met Brother Stephen White I didn’t know whether I should be offended or laugh. I chose the latter.

There was buzz in the residence hall that entire day about how all of us were going to hell for one reason or another.

That is why when I read about White this summer I got the satisfaction of knowing he will most likely be burning in hell when his time comes.

According to the Philadelphia Inquirer, on June 26 White allegedly offered to pay to perform fellatio on a 14-year-old teen.

The boy who was involved identified White from a driver’s license photo.

The boy claims White approached him in his vehicle asking if the boy knew of any close strip clubs or stores that sold pornographic items.

The boy said that was when White offered to pay him for the aforementioned acts.

The boy refused and ran to his aunt’s house where they called the police and the boy recited White’s license plate number.

White’s charges include criminal solicitation of involuntary deviate sexual intercourse, among others.

Speaking of charges White was in contact with his lawyer prior to this accusation about a case against the Philadelphia police force.

These suits were in regards to several arrests for street corner preaching. White was requesting better training for situations dealing with preaching.

White has no prior record because the charges about the preaching were dropped.

Those charges were incurred near the campuses of Temple and St. Joe’s.

White has made his name known as far away as Connecticut and upstate New York.

White also has a Web site,, listing the kind of people and behaviors of which he does not approve.

This site will bring back memories of his days on campus yelling at us for our various sins.

This Web site also explains a lot about his beginnings, other campuses which he visited and infuriated the administration.

Things aren’t looking up for White considering his interest in children.

According to the Philadelpia Inquirer story, White has a history of working with children in his career. White started a campus group at Temple University back in 1991 and also has worked at a youth ministry here in New Jersey.

He even recently started an urban ministry for children in North Philadelpha, where he lives. This seems ironic now, with all these inappropriate charges pending.

I can honestly say that I hope my freshman year will not be the last year that student’s get the day or two of entertainment that White provides.


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