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Domo Arigato, Mr. Roboto — whoops, Mr. Gore

From the time when the future carpet-bagging Senator from New York, Hillary Clinton, coined the phrase to the current recall in California, some Democrats have (and still do) refer to the mythical “vast right-wing conspiracy” as the reason for their failures.

The liberal media often gave various Democrats more coverage to reiterate this lie than to the war in Iraq. Democrats like Bill Clinton, Al Gore and Gray Davis would rather blame someone else than take responsibility for their own blunders and incompetence.

The excuse, still being used by some Democrats today, is the equivalent of a child blaming the crayon drawing on the wall on the boogeyman. This “monster” came to full form during the Clinton impeachment when our chief law enforcement officer was found in contempt of court and guilty of perjury. Subsequently he lost his law license and was fined.

Most people do not know this and instead blame Republicans “vast right-wing conspiracy” for the impeachment process. Yet no Republican made Clinton lie in front of a grand jury. He could have told the truth that he was an adulterer and no one in Washington would have cared.

Al Gore tried a similar dishonest tactic in his own election campaign in 2000. After losing at the polls in Florida, Gore whined for vote recounts. Bush won all four. Yet Gore pushed the envelope further still, when he should have bowed out honorably for the good of the country tried to have the recounts overturned and to disenfranchise thousands of military votes from overseas.

Additionally he tried to dig together enough votes to win by pushing for recounts in the Democrat strongholds of the state.

As if disregarding a democratic election was not enough, Gore and his campaign advisor Donna Brasil vehemently and falsely threw in the race card by blaming the Republicans for scaring minorities away from voting areas.

Needless to say, this claim had no merit and neither did Al Gore’s case. Every court, including the Supreme Court, let the original election stand. However, some Democrats today will still say that Bush stole the election and that he is not the rightful president. I guess all of the court’s rulings and all of the electoral processes do not matter to Democrats. Perhaps they were all in on the “vast right-wing conspiracy,” too.

After Gore, the vast right-wing boogeyman traveled to the Democrat California Governor Gray Davis’ closet. Under Davis’ administration, California went from having a huge budget surplus to a $35 billion deficit.

To give some comparison, California’s budget deficit is larger than all other 49 states put together. Taxes on income and services continue to skyrocket putting more pressure on everyone.

Businesses are fleeing California in the thousands due to excessive taxes; one million have left already. The state’s energy situation is chaotic and the people are subject to astronomical energy prices and rolling blackouts from shortages of power.

As a result of Davis’ unwillingness or inability to solve these problems he is being recalled from office. Davis’ main response is to defend his own incompetence by conjuring up the right wing-conspiracy once again.

He recently blamed the Republicans in his own state senate for blocking his budget “solution” from going through. He even blames Dick Cheney and Enron for the state’s energy problems. Additionally, Davis accused Republicans for having a plan to steal elections like they did in Florida.

Unfortunately for Davis, the truth pierces his smokescreen of conspiracy theory like a ray of light. In many ways Davis failed as Governor. His administration is mainly responsible for the mess that is the state of California for one reason: overspending.

Davis is a spendthrift with tax money. His tax, spend and spemd some more policies, bankrupted California, not Republicans who stood up to his destructive policies. Additionally, Dick Cheney and Enron had nothing to do with California energy policy.

Davis monopolized energy production under one company, creating an energy system reminiscent of Soviet Russia. Now the market for energy is closed and the people have to pay whatever the government supported business says.

Regarding Davis’ charge that the Republicans and others are “stealing elections,” he should read his own states rules. The recall is 100% legal. In fact, approximately 30 recalls have been attempted in the past, but all failed.

Now all of a sudden a recall which has been legal for decades is suddenly classified as thievery and corruption of the electoral process because it is being used against a Democrat.

Now people are beginning to realize the lies. We don’t believe in the boogeyman anymore!


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