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Julio brothers are ‘model’ Lion athletes

Senior football captain Jeremy Julio looks back over his College career with nostalgia. Standing in the locker room before practice, Julio recalls the many faces that he’ll miss – faces that he may not see again for some time after graduation this spring.

But, if plans work out for Jeremy and his twin brother Jason, it’s likely that we’ll see their faces again and again.

Cosmopolitan magazine featured photos of the physical education majors last May in an article on twins. The Julios attended an all-day photo shoot held in the Hamptons. From 7 a.m. till 10 p.m., the Julios posed for 500 photos and during downtime, met other modeling twins.

After landing the Cosmo job, the Julios spent part of their summer and early fall attending auditions for companies like Rembrandt Razors and gracing twin benefits in New York.

Standing over six feet tall, with tanned chiseled faces and carefree smiles, the Julio brothers hope to continue their modeling career after graduation. Right now, however, both are involved in too many activities to focus exclusively on modeling.

The Julio brothers like to stay busy, and have excelled in many sports since grade school. They ski, snowboard, lifeguard and row. Jason even skydived once in high school.

“We always have to be doing something, whether it’s sports or another activity, we have to keep busy,” Jeremy said.

Both participated in swimming, baseball and football in high school. Jeremy led the Long Branch high football team to the state championship in 1999.

Now with his focus on college football, Jeremy has built a strong career with the Lions, earning three letters, two TCNJ Scholar-Athlete awards and posting 78 career-tackles. In 2002, he earned a spot on the NJAC All-Conference Second Team. He also won the title of 2001 NJAC Second Team All-Conference honoree.

Jason, a three-time letter winner, played strong since his rookie year with the Lions. During his first year, Jason posted six solo tackles. By his sophomore year, he started each game and ended the season as the second leading tackler with 57 stops. He retained that position last year as well. He starts this season with 110 career tackles.

After three seasons, football remains a large part of the Julios’ social life at the College.

“Football is its own frat,” Jeremy said. “We live in a bunch of houses, and we’re really close with all the other athletes.”

They live with football buddies off campus, and spend free time dancing at Kat Man Du and going to parties or bars. Both of the muscular models are over 21.

While Jason and Jeremy have the same friends, majors and even address, they have different goals for the future, which reflect their individual personalities.

Jeremy is somewhat restless with the monotony of classes, practice and work and is considering studying abroad.

“It’s the same thing everyday,” he said. “I just want to do something different.”

Jason is considering a career in law enforcement, possibly even a state trooper, and said he might even take up baseball.

“You’re not playing baseball,” Jeremy interrupts in a joking manner.

Jason shrugs, which seems typical of the relationship the two have fostered. They say Jeremy is the more outgoing one, and Jason is more laid back.

Yet, both are friendly, charismatic, and with a bit of luck, will be gracing the covers of magazines and such in the future. But right now, check them out at a football game (or party) so you’ll be able to recognize their faces in the future.


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