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Puglia: The administration never asks us what we think

SGA President Christina Puglia addressed Vice President for Student Life Mary-Elaine Perry’s controversial plan to reorganize the Student Life office at the first SGA meeting of the semester last Wednesday.

Last week, student organization leaders met with Puglia to decide what actions student leaders would take regarding the planned reorganization, and to investigate how other schools run their Student Life offices.

Puglia also urged SGA members to advise her on how SGA should respond to the reorganization.

The reorganization of Student Life, scheduled to take place in October, will significantly alter the structure of the office. Many faculty members are changing positions and some student organizations will receive new advisors.

Many student leaders believe these changes will be detrimental to student organizations.

In a later interview, Puglia said that the reorganization is another instance of the administration ignoring student opinion.

“They changed the name of the College without asking the students,” Puglia said. “They changed the logo without asking students. The administration “never asks us what we think,” she added.

Puglia plans to have SGA draw up a document that would ensure that students are consulted about administrative changes that affect them.

Laura Delucia, former vice president of Student Services, was sworn in as SGA Executive Vice President. She was appointed to the position after the previous Executive Vice President, Christina Puglia, was promoted to President.

Nadia Gorski, who had been elected President last semester, resigned over the summer for personal reasons.

Delucia said that she convinced Campus Police to void any tickets written for students who parked illegally in Lot 12 this semester.

Students who received tickets for parking in Lot 12 said Residence Life gave them permission to park there for the first few days of the semester. Approximately 100 $50 tickets were written. Students can go to Student Accounts to have their tickets voided.

Annelise Catanzaro, alternate student trustee, proposed three amendments that were made to SGA election by-laws. Campaign T-shirts will no longer be allowed in the student center on election days, even if the shirts are worn inside out. Also, a candidate may not hang more than one of his campaign posters on any bulletin board or tack strip throughout the school and senators must attend all senatorial retreats held throughout the academic year.

Elections will be held on Sept. 29 and 30 to fill the freshman class positions and those SGA positions that were not filled in last spring’s elections. Interest sessions for the elections will be held on Sept. 9, 15 and 17.

Mike Cilia, vice president of Administration and Finance reported that this year’s SGA book sale was a “disaster.” Students who sold books at the sale made a total of $200. SGA, which collects 20 percent of the profits of all student sales, made $130.

Last fall SGA’s book sale brought in $2,800 for participating students and $900 for SGA. Unsold books are donated to the Mercer County Public Library.

Cilia said that despite the book sale, SGA is still financially “solid.”

Caitlin Stinneford, vice president of Community Relations said that SGA is organizing a 9/11 Memorial and Tribute to take place outside of Paul Loser Hall next Thursday at 8:30 a.m.


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