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Faulty air units are not cool

Many air conditioners in New Residence Hall (New Res.) haven’t been working since the beginning of the semester.

According to Joe Sullivan, director of facilities, there are several problems, such as clogged filters.

In some rooms, the valance system, the pipe that pumps the chilled water, leaks.

The air conditioning in New Res. is a passive system, which means that there are no other means for circulating the air.

When windows are open in the rooms, the fresh air that comes in causes the air flow to slow, especially when it’s hot or humid outside.

It also takes several days for the system to become cool once it is turned on.

Dawn Conover, junior law and justice major, has lived in New Res. for two years.

Last year, she called Building Services because her air conditioner was dripping.

Workers placed insulation tape on the unit and said it would work. When it didn’t, she called again, but Building Services never showed up.

“When you touch (the air conditioner), it’s cold, but it’s not producing cold air and the room is still hot,” Conover said.

Conover brought the air conditioning problem to the Student Government Association (SGA), hoping the organization would be able to do something.

SGA members said that there was nothing they could do and that the problem is in the hands of the facilities.

Megan Long, sophomore elementary education and psychology major, had her air conditioning repaired, but it took several calls before Building Services arrived.

After five calls, and two trips to her room to work on it, the air conditioner was fixed.

“It’s working now, but it’s dripping all over my roommate’s desk,” she said. “I called and they haven’t given us any consideration.

Vincent Meli, senior graphic design major, and Dennis Boyle, senior communication studies major, have had no problems with Building Services.

They called about their non-working air conditioner on a Thursday. The problem was fixed on Friday.

According to Building Services, it is often difficult to fix all the problems with the air conditioners before the semester begins.

This summer, no one was living in New Res Hall and many of the problems were not discovered until the semester began.


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