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Reefer is dangerous any way you smoke it

Just when you thought America’s socialist neighbor, Canada, could not go any further into the deep intellectual abyss of liberalism, they distribute marijuana. But here’s a shocker: some marijuana advocates have turned down legal marijuana.

According to the Drudge Report, which obtained the story from the Canadian Press, the Canadian government provided marijuana to its citizens to treat sometimes-dubious medical symptoms.

However, even this ridiculously generous concession is not good enough for some people.

The “patients” complained about everything from low THC level to bad taste. Some even plan to send their government issued reefer back and demand a refund.

When people push for the legalization of marijuana, I wonder what is wrong with them.

Marijuana is harmful to your health and prescribing it to treat a health-related problem is dangerous.

Marijuana is too harmful for widespread medical use. The illegal substance impairs memory, learning, perception, thought, problem solving and coordination, among other important skills.

Personally, I would only support its use for terminally ill patients when it would be beneficial.

However, there is an even bigger issue at hand than some people wanting to get high with Canada’s help.

It’s the attitude that these people are entitled to marijuana that is scary.

In fact, they want the government not only to provide them with legal affordable marijuana, but the pot also has to get them really high and taste good too.

This kind of thinking that the government should provide everything under the sun is more harmful to the health of the world than all the marijuana in Colombia.

The Big Government disease has doped up some first world democracies to a point beyond recovery. France is a great example, as thousands of seniors died from this summer’s heat wave because of apathy and government mandated vacations.

A good work ethic and self-reliance are being replaced by the collective welfare state.

The concept of a self-reliant work ethic, which built the United States, is being undermined. Instead of working to obtain the legal goods and services desired, people demand the government to provide them.

Good illustrations of this are the looming disasters of national healthcare and national prescription drug plans. These plans have already been initiated in Europe and Canada with disastrous results as some Canadian seniors cross the border to buy our drugs.

Furthermore, people pay more and more taxes for services that they may never utilize.

People have been losing liberty and freedom and ceding control to government by becoming dependent upon it for their welfare.

Frankly, the prospect of being dependent upon the government for medicine or health care is frightening. Everyone knows about the idiotic chaos that exists with some HMOs.

It is hard enough for patients to get the right care and for doctors to do their jobs with HMOs, but magnify that situation a thousand times and you will see the wisdom in avoiding national health care.

Can you imagine the amount of paperwork needed to get a Tylenol prescription if health care was nationalized? With this immense amount of red tape and bureaucracy there would be waste and corruption galore.

Thomas Jefferson said, “The government that governs least, governs best.” Jefferson and other founding fathers recognized that limited government maximized freedom and independence and espoused that idea into our early republic.

Unfortunately, today in Washington there are very few who support limited government.

As governments across the world get bigger and bigger under tax-and-spend socialist liberals and emasculated pseudo-conservatives, the people of the world lose their independence from government.

This dependency could result in tyranny as power becomes increasingly centralized or the collapse of the society as resources to fund a multitude of programs dry up.

The politicians are not the only ones responsible for this power grab. The American people are allowing special interests and power groups to hijack the government.

Therefore, I give a challenge to all of you. College Republicans will come to your door this year with information about voting registration. When they come, sign up and vote.

It doesn’t matter what party or affiliation you are. Get involved in the government and politics because they do matter.

Our future rests in the citizens of our republic getting involved and making decisions, not a set group of government bureaucrats making decisions for us.


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