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Plenty of joy in victory over Profs

As a senior, I already have had many moments this semester where I’ve sat down to reminisce about the good and bad times I’ve had at the College.

After the College vs. Rowan football game last Friday night, I was reminded of how my opinion of this school has changed in three years.

Freshman year, I hated being at the College.

I missed hooooome (yes, South Jersey) to the point where I gave being homesick a new meaning.

I can remember being teased freshman year because of my very southern accent and well, yes, because I’m a little ghetto for being Caucasian.

I think the worst thing I had to face freshman year, especially being an athlete, was dealing with the fact that the College’s biggest rival was in my hometown – yes, Rowan!

I have always been proud of who I am and where I am from, so even though I was on an athletic team, I secretly rooted for Rowan at games – especially football games!

Since I grew up in Glassboro, it only felt natural to root for my home team. But, now as a senior at the College, I am quite comfortable with calling the Lions my team.

After freshman year I somehow got a job as the Football Team’s ball girl. Yes, the girl who runs up and down the sideline in the rather oversized, bright orange, kangaroo-pouch looking vest is me.

It’s honestly the best job I have had all four years at college. Being the ball girl has helped me learn how hard our football team works and the passion they play with.

Last Friday night’s game was one that the seniors on the team have been dreaming about for years. In the previous two years, the Lions come so close to victory over the Profs, but could never pull off a win. This year, they defeated the Profs for the first time since 1998, and, to make it even better, on Rowan’s home field.

I have to admit that as much as I knew that this could be the year to beat Rowan, in the back of my mind there was doubt. The football players teased me all week because they were convinced that they were going to win.

I took the comments in stride and, although the game was played in my hometown, I rooted for my college with pride. It was the most amazing feeling to see our boys finally come out victorious. It was so much fun to watch our fans go crazy that night. I took a step back late in the fourth quarter to observe the atmosphere.

With possession of the ball, the momentum of the game in Rowan’s hands, and only down two points I thought to myself, “Gosh, not again.” Then, I noticed the infamous “Defense! (Stomp, Stomp) Defense!” chant from the crowd growing louder and louder – the suspense seemed to be killing everyone around me.

When a big play made by the Lion’s defense pushed the Profs to an unattainable field goal position, the glorious feeling began to sink in.WE FINALLY DID IT! Talk about being “Stuck in a Moment.” I celebrated with the other Lions fans and watched as athletes and friends of the football players hopped over the fence to congratulate each other and celebrate the big win.

Hats off to the football team. On behalf of the student body I thank you for making our campus community feel successful and proud. For once in my college career I have the right to brag to people at home that the College is better than Rowan, not only academically but also athletically.


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