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Reorganization includes advisors

The reorganization of the Office of Student Life is stirring up mixed reactions around campus. As administrative positions change, student-run organizations learned that club advisors are being switched without the input of the student organizations they oversee.

The Student Government Association (SGA) is one of the largest organizations on campus. It is also one of the groups hit the hardest by the changing system.

SGA’s co-advisors, Wanda Anderson and Kevin Maldonado, have been reassigned to new positions.

Anderson will now be advising

the Leadership Development Program (LDP), and Maldonado

will oversee the College Union Board (CUB).

Christina Puglia, SGA president, is skeptical of the abrupt change handed down by the administrators.

“I had always been under the impression it was a co-responsibility of the organization and the administration,” Puglia said.

SGA wants to look into whether or not student organizations should have had imput in the decision.

SGA’s newly assigned advisor is Magda Manetas, the assistant dean of Student Life.

Manetas is advisor to the Jewish Student Union (JSU), a position she will continue to fill. JSU has also recruited an additional advisor, Nadine Stern, associate vice president for information technology.

However, Erica Roth, president of JSU, said the addition was made last spring and was not prompted by the changes in Student Life.

Other groups are going through advising changes, but not as a result of the restructuring. The InterVarsity Christian Fellowship (IVCF) has, by coincidence, instated a new advisor.

Tori Barrett, the president of IVCF said, “Honestly, I’ve heard about the change, but we haven’t experienced anything.”

According to Puglia, the reconstruction is causing several changes, but, “Change isn’t necessarily a bad thing.”


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