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Senior Week follows tradition

Senior year is not only about job hunting and graduate school searching. It also means saying goodbye.

The Senior Class council helps students hold on to the memories shared at the College – especially during Senior Week and all of the activities leading up to it.

Senior Week is a three-day event prior to graduation. It begins as an on-campus event, as senior class students move into Travers/Wolfe Hall with a roommate of their choice. During this week students must be 21 or older to drink and participate. Buses are provided to and from places in order to prevent drinking and driving.

Senior Week is planned mostly by the senior class executive board and its advisors. This year, Vanessa De Jesus, elementary education major, is president of the board, Nicole Colello, secondary education and English major, is the vice president and Robin Davis, political science major, serves as treasurer.

“Graduation comes and goes so fast, we just want to create a social scene and build a relationship within the senior class so that the memory lives on,” Collelo said.

Although every senior class is different, a lot of the things planned for Senior Week are tradition, including the “Senior Send-off Semi-formal.” At the semi-formal, students can view the Senior Class slideshow, which is composed of various pictures of the seniors from the beginning of the school year.

Other signature events include an alumni picnic and trips to night clubs in Philadelphia or New York City, as well at trips to Six Flags Great Adventure and Atlantic City.

While the trips are usually successful, last year’s trip to New York City did not run as smoothly as planned. The senior class booked the Jekyll and Hyde Restaurant. Even with its reputation, dining there with a graduating class of 700-800 seniors turned out to be a very congested and disappointing experience.

The restaurant was simply not properly equipped to maintain such a large group. Neither the Senior Class nor the restaurant was held responsible for this, and no legal action was taken against the restaurant.

“It was beyond our control,” Davis said. “Although there will be no compensation given to the senior class for last years misfortune, we are working to make sure that it doesn’t re-occur.”

To avoid what happened last year, the board is using a more hands-on approach with catering companies. They are personally going out to the venues that they choose to ensure satisfaction.

The first event for seniors was held on Sept. 23. Seniors met at the Rat and then filled three busses for a trip to local club Kat Man Du.

“It was so successful,” De Jesus said. “We look forward to the support that the Senior Class has shown so far and hope to enjoy this year to the fullest.”

The senior class executive board is hoping to have a social event with the seniors every month. Although it is working on an affair in conjunction with the Alumni Association for October, the next definite date isn’t until Nov. 18, when they will sponsor another trip to Kat Man Du.

Registration for Senior Week is coming up within the next few weeks, and will be held for three days in the student center.


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