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Students receive tickets for no decal, violations in decks

With the privilege of student parking on campus comes the responsibility of following rules and regulations, or facing the consequences of ticketing when breaking them.

Although students who are ticketed may feel as if Campus Police are becoming more stringent, the Director of Student Financial Services, Kathleen Ragan, said she has not noticed an increase in ticketing.

“If anything, it looks like ticketing is down,” Ragan said. “Most tickets are given for not having a decal.” College policy dictates that all vehicles must visibly display a valid decal when parked on campus.

Not displaying a decal will cost $25 on the first and second offenses and after the third, the student will lose parking for the current and following semester, according to the Parking Services Web site.

All junior and senior students are guaranteed parking since only freshman and sophomores are guaranteed housing. Limited parking is available to sophomores, however, on a first come, first serve basis.

Campus Police patrols the lots and parking garages daily, taking surveys of how many spots are open on average so that consistent vacancies can be offered to wait-listed students.

“We have the enforcement responsibility,” Lt. Don Rizzo said.

Lauren Cugliotta, junior English and secondary education major, was one student who received a ticket in the Decker/Cromwell Parking Deck. She said she made a wrong turn that cost her a two-point, $80 ticket.

“It was warranted because I ignored the sign,” Cugliotta said. “I’ll have to be more careful in the future.”

Violations run from $25 for an improperly mounted decal to $100 plus towing for parking in a handicapped spot. A detailed list of parking penalties can be found on the Parking Services homepage linked to the College Web site.

Students have 10 days to pay or appeal a ticket and lack of cooperation can compromise their registration at the College or withhold transcripts, according to the College Web site.

Repeat offenders may lose their current registration and be denied future parking privileges.

To accommodate any shifts in the number of students with registered vehicles, Ragan said Parking Services keeps a waitlist.

Ragan said another focus on Parking Services is to keep commuter students updated on how construction will affect parking.


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