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Thou shalt not kill

This week the government finally passed a bill banning partial birth abortion, a great victory for the pro-life camp and the entire country.

Because of the bill, babies will no longer be pulled from their mothers’ wombs, scissors stuck in their skulls and their brains vacuumed out. I am elated that this repulsive inhumane legalized infanticide has ended.

The whole deplorable practice of abortion needs to be wiped out in this country and the rest of the world. Roe v. Wade should be ripped from the pages of our legislative and judicial codes and burned.

Unfortunately for millions of unborn children, the abortion rights groups are ready to fight this ban. Many of these organizations have already threatened to appeal to the Supreme Court.

Because the majority of Americans do not support their radical views, these liberals cannot get any of their own bills passed in Congress.

Thus, they will run to their beloved liberal courts hoping that some sympathetic federal judge will ignore the duty of his or her post to interpret the constitution and dictate law from the bench.

Abortion has been allowed to continue in this nation because of these hypocritical ungodly liberal activist groups.

This country has been demoralized and confused by the likes of National Organization of Women (NOW) and the National Abortion Federation and other radical groups over the issue of a woman’s “right to choose.” The demorilization has gone so far that we have forgotten about the human rights of the infant.

Yet abortion groups continue fighting tooth and nail for Roe v. Wade and their “right” to kill their own babies.

Not only do groups feel the need to ignore morality and divine command (thou shalt not kill) they also willfully turn a blind eye to science.

From the moment of conception the developing child has 46 chromosomes, making it fully human.

Abortion-rights organizations dehumanize a baby by calling it a fetus but their euphemisms cannot hide the truth.

To abort a “fetus” at any stage is killing human life. If human life is to be valued in our world, then abortion must be wrong.

These hypocritical liberal organizations claim to stand for human rights and then try to condone abortion. For instance, you may have seen posters all over campus from VOX trying to justify abortion.

Posters around campus last year said that if women lost their reproductive rights, that they would all go to unsanitary “back door alley” abortion clinics.

Abortion, however, no matter where or how “professionally” it is done, is still murder.

I understand that abstinence doesn’t usually work, but our society should reach out to troubled pregnant mothers whether their problems are emotional or material.

Our society and the religious community have been too quick to scoff at pregnant teens. Christians should take the example of Christ and help those who are hurting instead of condemning them. We will then save lives spiritually and physically.

Adoption is also an option. There are many families that want to adopt and are left on long waiting lists.

Abortion rights advocates give examples in which mothers’ lives are risked if abortion were not legal.

I do think this is the only condition where abortion is allowed, but the number of people who face this dilemma is very small and is not a reason to keep the whole institution intact.

Some groups feel that activism is the path to achieve what they want. Yet, as long as we slaughter our own children, we haven’t made progress.

The Senate’s decision this week was at last a step in the right direction.


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