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How important is religion at the College? SFB allocate SAF money to five religious organizations

The Student Finance Board (SFB) allocated $4,345 of Student Activity Fund (SAF) money to five religious organizations on campus, for the 2003-2004 academic year.

The five organizations are Catholic Campus Ministries (CCM), the Islamic Society, the Intervarsity Christian Fellowship (IVCF), the Jewish Student Union (JSU) and the newly-funded Protestant Fellowship, which just received SAF money at the Oct. 29 SFB meeting.

CCM received $800, divided between a programming allocation of $610 and a publicity line of $190.

The Islamic Society received $367 in SAF allocation, but also raised $83.65, for a total of $450.65.

IVCF was budgeted $50 for office supplies, $750 for programs and $113 for publicity, for a total of $913.

But IVCF, treasurer Dan Pickering said IVCF has its own checking account separate from its account with SFB.

It is supported by IVCF alumni and local churches. Pickering said the outside donations were used for programs that SFB cannot afford, such as an IVCF freshman retreat.

He added the organization’s funding “was about 50-50” between outside donations and SAF allocations.

JSU received the largest SAF allocation, as well as outside funding, with $15 for office expenses, $1,291 for programs, $265 for publicity and $144 in telephone expenses.

But, the organization’s greatest source of funding comes from its fundraising line, which totals $11,377.15. The organization’s total budget is $13,092.15.

JSU treasurer Evan Schlisserman said most of its fundraising line came from the Jewish Federation of Princeton, Mercer and Bucks County.

He said JSU is primarily a religious organization, but also a social organization for Jews on campus.

The group organizes social activities, such as apple picking, in addition to more religiously oriented activities.

The Protestant Fellowship applied for SAF at the Oct. 29 SFB meeting. It received $335.

Protestant Fellowship treasurer Dawn Conover said the organization did not know until recently that it could request SAF allocations.

SFB Chairperson Craig Gross said all new organizations, when their constitutions are approved by the Student Government Association (SGA), are informed of the SAF process.

Gross also said it’s not SFB’s job to evaluate the validity of new organizations.

“The SFB puts trust in the SGA,” to approve new organizations Gross said, and ensure that organizations are not redundant.

He said the only organizations that may not know of funding procedures are organizations, like the Protestant Fellowship, that have not sought funding from SFB before.


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