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Simple Goodness: ‘Goods’ supports both experienced and novice artists

Since students on campus don’t get HBO in their rooms, many have been craving entertainment that has excitement – sex, drugs, alcohol, chain-smoking, politics, carnivals and anything that falls in between.

On Saturday, these cravings were satisfied at the College’s first student arts festival, The Goods, which ran from 2 p.m. to 9 p.m. in the student center. The College’s creative writing club Ink presented the event with help from Catie Rosemurgy, English professor, and her Writing Communities class.

The art festival gave students a chance to read, play music and display their art. Throughout the day, there was a student artwork gallery out in the Atrium, musical performances in the Rat and readings of various types of nonfiction and poetry in Room 202 East.

By midday, it wasn’t easy to find an open seat in 202 East, where faculty members and students read their poetry, short stories and monologues. At 5 p.m., the room was completely packed when Cathy Day, English professor, read from her upcoming collection of short stories, “The Circus in Winter.”

Students also flocked to The Rat to see classmates and friends perform throughout the day. The tables were packed for the majority of the day as students strummed guitars, played the keyboard and sang.

“The music was definitely a great addition to The Goods,” Lacy Jane Ryman, senior English major, said. “It’s nice to see the people you have classes with in a non-school environment, showing off their talents and creativity.”

After the readings and music shows ended, Synergy Dance Company and Mixed Signals performed. Students enjoyed Synergy’s routines and as usual, Mixed Signals produced lots of laughter.

“I found it very rewarding to see so many types of creative talent represented,” Linda Gallant, junior English major who was master of ceremonies for several readings, said. “I wanted to support my classmates as they shared their creativity and to be part of this entirely student-run event. It was exciting to see it come off so well.”

Bethany Allinder, sophomore English major, read at The Goods and said the faculty support and readings brought together students and professors with common interests.

Despite the success of The Goods, students had one qualm about the presentations: the readings and music took place at the same time and were in different rooms. Students had to choose between performances. Dan Brady, Ink president, said Ink might condense the event to one room next semester so everyone attending can see all the performances.

Brady said the event was successful, even though not everyone could see every event.

“We didn’t really know what to expect and we’ve been pleasantly surprised,” Brady said.

Ink has been planning The Goods since September. Applications students received asked for a description of art, music or readings that students wished to present. Ink received a good response from students in the art, music and English classes.

Students from the Writing Communities class who run Ink handed out the applications, processed the entries and volunteered to introduce performers on Saturday.

“I liked that there were no auditions because if you’re confident in your work, you can perform,” Laureen Biruk, junior graphic design major who performed during The Goods, said. “Students get discouraged when they have to try out.”

She also liked that the event enabled students who don’t usually perform at the Rat to showcase thier talent without the stress of auditions.

A date has not yet been set for next semester’s The Goods. But, judging by Saturday’s success, The Goods will most likely be a biannual event. Sign-up forms were already available for next semester’s “The Goods.”

For more information on getting involved with The Goods, students can attend Ink’s next meeting tonight at 8 p.m. in the Bliss Lounge.


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