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Bush’s new immigration plan caters to criminals

There has been much said about the president’s new amnesty program for illegal immigrants.

Some have praised it, stating that it is a step in the right direction. Others have lambasted it, saying that it’s the first step in making America a Third-World nation.

As a political and social conservative, I have defended many of the president’s policies in print and in voice.

However, on the issue of giving millions of illegal immigrants “temporary” amnesty, I dissent. I think this is the worst idea ever to come from the Bush Administration.

This plan does nothing to solve the security risks associated with our open borders and dangerously lax immigration policy, nor does it appropriately address the drain on American society.

Illegal immigration is caused by a large number of complex social and political problems.

Thousands of people desiring a better life desert other countries and come to America. Some wait for the proper paperwork and red tape, enter this country legally and become citizens.

Others come on worker or guest visas and end up staying, while some simply sneak across the Mexican or Canadian border.

This country now has anywhere between seven and 12 million illegal, undocumented aliens.

Bush proposes to give many of these people what he calls “temporary” amnesty, meaning they can stay here or travel abroad without fear of deportation for a certain amount of time.

However, there is an even bigger issue here. These people, who either overstayed their visas or snuck into this country, broke the law.

They are criminals and should not be rewarded with American citizenship or other privileges. The laws of this country must be respected if they are to have any meaning.

The chief law enforcement officer of the country, the president, should know this plan to pander to illegals is an insult to all legal immigrants, American citizens and the laws of this country.

The plan will do nothing to stop the tide of illegal immigration.

Thousands of people enter this country illegally every year through our pathetically defended borders and live here undeterred by the undermanned and underfunded Immigration Naturalization Service.

Our borders with Canada and Mexico and our airports must be secured. The Mexican border in particular must be regulated and temporarily closed, if necessary, until we settle this mess.

The Border Police need to be strengthened and assisted by the National Guard if necessary. People cannot be allowed to venture across the border at will.

All persons coming and going from the United States must have paperwork. Every country in the world demands passports or some type of identification in order to cross borders – so should we.

Furthermore, all potential alien workers, upon entering the country, must be given a medical checkup, be fingerprinted and documented.

We need to know who is in this country and what they are doing.

For those of you who think I am going too far, may I remind you that several of the September 11th hijackers were here illegally with expired visas and the government had lost track of them?

I acknowledge that there are many people here illegally already and deportation is definitely not the answer.

Illegal immigrants who are working and law abiding must be documented and made legal.

Unfortunately there are some illegals sponging off the benefits of this country such as welfare or Social Security.

They should be required to find employment within a certain amount of


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