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College viewbook takes two top honors

The College’s viewbook, the Prospectus, received two awards from the Council for the Advancement and Support of Education (CASE), in its annual District II Accolades Awards program.

CASE is a national organization that works with professionals dealing in alumni relations, communication, development, enrollment and marketing. Among other goals, the organization promotes institutions to prospective students.

In the individual photography category, Baltimore freelance photographer John Davis won a gold award, or first place, out of a total of 15 entries, for three separate photos in the Prospectus.

The viewbook itself won a bronze award in the category of student recruitment publication. This category contained 33 entries.

“(It) is gratifying for me that the hard work that went into the development of the viewbook was recognized by the judges, many of whom work at our peer institutions,” Cindy Friedman, director of Marking and Publications said.

The College viewbook is sent to potential students each year. It is put together by Friedman, Lisa Angeloni, dean of Admissions, the Office of College and Community Relations and the Office of Admission.

This year, it was created by The North Charles Street Design Organization located in Baltimore, Maryland.

Friedman and Angeloni met with the company for over a year, working with them on the viewbook. While the company sometimes made suggestions concerning layout and other aspects of the book, Friedman and Angeloni still possessed control over it, giving the company direction in the production process.

“(They are) one of the best in the country for marketing publication design,” Angeloni said.

Although Angeloni is very proud of the award and the recognition given to the College, she knows that there is always room for improvement.

“You always have to keep wondering what you could do better,” she said.

The North Charles Street Design Organization also designed the College logo, the shield, to which many students have objected.

It is questionable as to whether these awards will change people’s minds about the logo.

“I do not think the awards will change student opinion towards the logo, since obviously the logo will not change,” Jenna Scisco, freshman biology major, said. “However, I do feel that people may recognize the company it-

self in a more positive light.”

Friedman shares a similar sentiment, believing the awards probably will not “affect anyone’s opinion about the logo.”

Awards in the aforementioned categories and others will be given out during a District II meeting on Feb. 9 in Philadelphia.


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