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In pursuit of life, ‘Liberty’ and hot guys

Mandy Moore stars in “Chasing Liberty” as 18-year-old Anna Foster, the daughter of the president of the United States.

The uber-sexy president, played by Mark Harmon, has Anna under surveillance 24/7 by his secret agents, including Morales (Annabelle Sciorra) and Weiss (Jeremy Piven).

This, needless to say, puts a major damper on her dating life. An awkward event at a local restaurant pushes Anna over the edge. She’s dying to experience freedom for the first time.

A presidential trip overseas to Prague with her parents presents her with the opportunity to do just that.

She strikes a deal with Daddy to attend a concert with her French friend sans the men in black that usually follow her.

President Foster goes back on his promise when Anna discovers that the club is swarming with his entourage.

Anna pulls a fast one and books it out of the show and onto the streets of Prague, where she hops onto the moped of a gorgeous stranger, Ben Calder (Matthew Goode).

Little does Anna know that Ben is actually a part of the secret service posse. Ben, who poses as a hobby photographer, watches over Anna on her journey through Europe to the “Love Parade” in Berlin. Although Goode is new to the scene, he definitely caught my attention.

I could go on for days about his amazing body, great accent and acting talent (these are not listed in any order of importance). Needless to say, Goode is one to watch in the future.

The two ditch the secret service agents and start out on a wild adventure full of bungee jumping Germans, eccentric pocket pickers, bill-ditching and much more with Weiss and Morales at their heels.

These two quirky agents provide a great side story. Weiss’ refreshingly cheap pick-up lines roll right off of Morales’ back. Their chemistry is both hilarious and adorably romantic.

Meanwhile, somewhere in between her teenage rebellion and the cultural experience, Anna falls in love with my guy, Ben, and finally experiences everyday life.

Moore lacked depth and perhaps has been typecast one too many times as the rebel teenager. I also need to mention that Moore does a lot of shameless running and arm flailing in this movie, which is not something I would recommend with her athletic abilities.

“She was ‘that girl,’ who every boy would probably hate in real life,” Robin Yellen, senior Biology major, said after seeing the film. “I just wanted to slap her for being so dumb. But, if that’s the kind of girl that Matthew Goode wants, I can change my entire personality.”

My advice – Mandy, don’t be that girl. As a devoted fan (although I might not sound it at the moment), I have followed her career and this movie, by far, was my least favorite, although it did have its redeemable moments. For instance, Matthew Goode and the fact that Jason Mraz’s “Who Needs Shelter” is played a few times throughout the movie (check out his CD “Waiting for My Rocket to Come”).

If you’re looking for a worthwhile Moore fix that showcases her talents, check out “A Walk to Remember.”

“Chasing Liberty,” on the other hand, is definitely not one of the year’s critically acclaimed films. But it is a feel-good chick flick.

There is a highlight for the boys also though. An intoxicated Mandy finds her way into the Vltava River – completely naked. Rumors have been confirmed that it was a body double, though. Sorry, kids.

Bottom line – Matthew, call me! This movie should have been called “Chasing Goode.”


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