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Letter to the Editor: Just another day off?

To the Editor:

Let me start by saying that the importance of who Martin Luther King, Jr. was and the message he conveyed opened the eyes of this nation. In a society where sadly his dream has not yet come to fruition and is often forgotten, we need to take the time to reflect upon the issues he fought so passionately for. Setting aside one day a year in recognition of his work, while not nearly enough, is a mark of respect.

The argument about whether the College should have off each year to honor the day is another story. First, students would abuse such a day off. To students, a day off is a day to sleep in (and party the night before), catch up on some work, or get off campus. If students wished to honor the memory of Dr. King, Jr. they would attend services provided by the College. Under the current structure, these services are allotted to a time table suitable to the entire campus during Wednesday meeting hours. Students wouldn’t use 24 hours to honor the day. Second, Martin Luther King, Jr. day has fallen on the first day of spring semester class the last few years at the College. If given the day off, most students would choose to do one of the following: move back Sunday to party that night and sleep Monday or all together move back Monday. Either option suggests that students would be using the day off for other purposes than remembering Dr. King, Jr.

I realize my argument rests upon assumptions of the average college student and that there are students who wouldn’t fit into the mold I’ve depicted. But I feel confident that a poll of the campus would back the points I’ve presented.


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