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Find love on the web

Love is in the air during springtime. However, if you are still feeling lonely or you’re just tired of going to clubs and bars in search of a mate and coming up empty-handed, then online dating may be the solution for you.

The thought of going online to meet someone can seem scary and even appear desperate. Nonetheless, more and more Americans are trying their luck with the “virtual matchmaking” phenomenon.

According to the research firm Jupiter/Media Matrix, over 34 million people visited online personals and the average user spends 13 hours a month on the site.

These online dating Web sites are not free either; in fact some Americans believe that paying $20 a month is cheap compared to buying drinks at a singles bar.

Donna Hernandez, sophomore English education major, said she wouldn’t try online dating. “You don’t know what kind of crazy people are out there; anyone can make up stories about who they are.”

However, Deshonnda Rudolph, sophomore nursing major, said online dating is the same as meeting someone in person. “When you go to a bar or club and meet someone he or she could be making up stories about who he or she is too, so if you choose to date online go for it. It’s kind of the same thing.”

Online dating gives you the opportunity to come in contact with people who you never would have met otherwise and offers more choices than in everyday life.

Online dating agencies help to make sure you won’t end up with a bad date. Some of the top online dating agencies are, and Yahoo Personals. In addition to those there is also which is the “friends of friends” dating network. It allows friends to hook their friends or family members up with dates.

As with anything in life, there is no guarantee that you will be successful in finding that ideal mate online. Some agencies have reported that they receive a limited number of stalker stories, and advise their customers to take time and get to know the person, using caution when meeting the person. Yet, there are also success stories when it comes to online dating.

Online dating may or may not be the choice for you, but if you’re willing to spend a little money in search of that ideal guy or girl, then give it shot.


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