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Gay marriage arguments defy sense and tradition

There has been much made of this gay marriage dispute recently and I feel that people need to get a grip on how truly serious this problem is.

Edmund Burke once said, “The way for evil to succeed is for good men to do nothing.” This is precisely what is happening in our country today.

Slowly but surely, the positive institutions that have been maintained in this country’s culture are being eroded while we sit back, glued to our television screens watching the college basketball tournament or “American Idol.”

Now under the sights of the left is the institution of marriage itself. Marriage is defined in the English language as the legal union of a man and woman as husband and wife.

This has been the tradition for thousands of years and now of course the gay rights movement, in all of their infinite wisdom, seeks to change it to fit their needs.

This dispute is mainly about recognition. The Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgendered (GLBT) community wants the rest of society to accept their “lifestyles” as normal and positive in nature.

However, this has not happened and their tactics of holding gay pride parades, accusing people who oppose them of homophobia, trying to brainwash our elementary students with readings like “Heather has Two Mommies,” comparing themselves to the civil rights movement and allying themselves with radical feminist organizations have failed miserably on all fronts.

Now feeling desperate for a lack of recognition they storm into the courts where three to five unelected judges legislate from the bench making laws for the rest of us.

The corrupt city of San Francisco is another active hotspot of controversy as the mayor willingly ignores the state law for homosexuals seeking their “right” to marry.

To support its position, the GLBT group espouses propaganda that I have seen printed on the very pages of The Signal.

“Why can’t two people who love each other get married, why does it have to be a man and a woman?” they say.

Here is the answer. The state has marriage laws for one purpose: strengthening marriage which produces families. The heterosexual family of husband, wife and children has been the foundation of human civilization from the very beginning and the state knows this. Man and woman together raise children who become wives and husbands later in life.

Gay marriages simply cannot produce children without another person of the opposite sex and therefore are sterile and do not continue the line of families.

In contrast, a popular pro-gay marriage response is to bring up heterosexual couples who cannot have children and equate themselves to them.

This comparison holds no water because men and women have the tendency to produce children and only fail if something is wrong. Homosexuals cannot have children at all.

Next, marriage law has nothing to do with love, if that were the case people could legally marry their sister, their brother, themselves, multiple people or their horse.

Love or what passes for love does not constitute eligibility. Thus, if you look at the situation logically gay marriage makes no sense.

Therefore, it is also important that we all speak out and condemn this trend of attack upon our values, beliefs and even our own civilization.

On a political note, I think the leaders of the Democratic Party should be ashamed of themselves for not supporting the president in his stand against gay marriage when a majority of their constituents support him.

Once again they have turned their backs on morality, reason and the American people in favor of their liberal agenda.

This being said as a Christian I would like to speak out against those who carry signs that say hateful things against homosexuals like, “God Hates Fags.”

Not only are these signs offensive and counterproductive, they are simply downright wrong. God loves all people regardless of all their sins.

At the same time, God is as displeased with homosexuality as much with heterosexual sex outside of marriage, adultery, stealing, lying or any other sin we of which are all guilty.

I agree with the president when he said “We should also conduct this difficult debate in a matter worthy of our country; without bitterness or anger, in all that lies ahead, let us match strong convictions with kindness and good will and decency.”


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