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Get in touch with your Irish side at McGuinn’s Place

Need to get out and express the Irish within you? As they say at McGuinn’s Place, “everyone has a bit of Irish in them!”

McGuinn’s Place is an Irish bar and restaurant which has been family-run and operated since 1985. It offers locals and college students a place to relax and forget about their problems. As said by owner Bill McGuinn, “(McGuinn’s is) always a good time – a place where family and friends gather.”

McGuinn’s Place has two bars. One is located by the front entrance while the other is in the back by the stage. Two pool tables are situated in the center of the bar. Throughout the night people play pool, chill in booths, sit at the bar or dance in front of the stage.

For any sports fan, McGuinn’s is the ultimate spot. There are 14 TVs that play all different types of sports throughout the night. During football season, McGuinn’s shows every game and offers promo nights which occur about once a month. Prizes are given out and drink specials are offered.

For anyone trying to prepare for Saint Patrick’s Day, every 17th of the month McGuinn’s holds a Saint Practice Day, featuring Guinness for $2.50 and car bombs for $5.

Beer prices ranges between $2.50 to $4.50 a glass. Mixed drinks cost $5 to $10 depending on the grade of alcohol and glass size. Shots also cost between $4 and $5.

If you are like most college students on a budget, McGuinn’s runs nightly drink specials. The cover charge also varies between $3 and $5. As with any good Irish bar, a variety of drinks are offered and 12 beers are on tap. McGuinn’s also offers a full menu of appetizers, sandwiches, soups and salads.

Every night something new is happening at McGuinn’s. The atmosphere is strongly influenced by the nightly events. There is free pool on Monday nights, while Tuesday nights are Karaoke nights.

There is a DJ on Wednesdays and Thursdays who plays Top 40 music on Wednesdays and alternative music on Thursdays. Live bands appear Friday and Saturday nights.

These bands influence the versatile atmosphere that each weekend creates. The band usually brings in its own fans who greatly impact the mood of the bar.

McGuinn’s always has a mix of some locals and college students (from Rider University and the College), who consider McGuinn’s the ultimate spot to have a beer and listen to live music.

“McGuinn’s is a cool place because one time my friends brought home the band from there and the band helped them fix their toilet when they cracked it in half,” Kevin O’Driscoll, senior criminology and justice studies major, said.

Last Friday, the reggae band Midnight Rebellion jammed all night long.

“We play original rebel music,” B Davis, vocalist and rhythm guitarist of Midnight Rebellion, said.

Although McGuinn’s has a large parking lot, patrons should plan on arriving early, as it fills up quickly. To enter McGuinn’s you must be 21 years old and proper I.D. is required.

“I liked the atmosphere in the sense that so many things were rolled into one,” Hara Hawthorne, senior marketing major, said. “There was a bar area, a chill area, the band area and a place to play pool – it was really busy. It’s more of a college atmosphere, there aren’t too many townies rubbing against you.”

On Friday, April 9, Vision will be playing and on Saturday April 10, Sketch will appear.

McGuinn’s Place is located about seven minutes from campus at 1781 Brunswick Pike, Trenton, NJ. Their phone number is 392-0599 and their Web site is


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