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Letter: It’s time to start taking out the garbage

To the Editor:

There are a number of slobs in Townhouses South. The labeling of slobs should be held only to those certain residents who leave their trash at the gate instead of walking behind Travers and Wolfe Halls (TW) and placing it where it belongs.

I can say this for I am a resident of the complex, yet I am not one of those slobs. Of course, this is a form of protest that South should have a trash bin. Give me a break. It takes all of an extra minute to go the few feet out of your way.

And for those going to argue that taking the walk over the bridge is not the way you go to class I say poop to you. You can walk to any building by taking the route between TW and the Recreation Center, even without a campus map in your hands. I promise you won’t get lost.

And let’s be completely honest here, fate has a strange way of working and it could just be that day that you go to throw that bag of trash away that you bump into someone only to have the bag of trash break open.

And so it goes that you look into each other’s eyes and touch hands as you collect the beer cans, banana peels, and snotty tissues off the ground. If not for having to go across the bridge to throw your trash away you never meet that certain someone.

For those not interested in fate, the journey over the bridge can be just as eventful. You can pretend it’s burning and have to somehow run through the flames to make it to the other side.

Andrew Bordieri


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