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Sodexho introduces Carte Blanche despite opposition

Despite expressions of opposition from students and faculty about the new Carte Blanche meal plan, it will be instituted for the 2004-05 year.

The new dining plan offers freshmen and sophomores three different options.

The basic idea of the meal plan is that students will not have to pay each time they enter Eickhoff Hall.

Students will present their IDs when entering the dining hall, simply to allow Sodexho workers to keep track of who enters and what plan they have. In this way, Sodexho will be able to monitor the traffic flow of students, allowing food to be prepared in accordance with the times most people enter the dining hall.

The largest plan, Plan A, will allow students to visit Eickhoff at any time during the day. It will also include $400 in Carte Blanche points that can be used at any dining location on campus, besides Eickhoff.

The overall cost for this plan, as of now, is $1,456 for the fall semester and $1,344 for the spring semester.

Plan B, which will probably cost $1,352 in the fall and $1,248 in the spring, also allows students to dine in Eickhoff at any time during the day. It will allocate $250 to be used in other dining locations around campus.

Finally, the smallest plan allows students to dine anytime between 11 a.m. and closing time. This plan includes $150 for other dining locations and will tentatively cost $1,178.32 in the fall semester and $1,087.68 in the spring semester.

Students with the smallest meal plan will be denied access to the dining hall before 11 a. m. unless they pay the $7 entrance fee.

In addition, the extra money being given for dining locations besides Eickhoff Hall can also be used to treat family and friends who are not part of the campus community.

Many students worry that this meal plan will prevent them from taking food out of the building. However, certain foods, such as fruit and sandwiches, will be permitted to be carried out of the dining hall.

In addition, students will be able to carry out food that they have already begun to eat.

Plates of food, however, will have to be finished in Eickhoff.


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