Tuesday, June 15, 2021
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Students save with Nexus Trade

A new source for the purchase and sales of used books, called Nexus Trade, has been created on campus. This small, student-run company helps students buy and sell textbooks at cheaper prices than the bookstore.

By using Nexus Trade, students can save up to 13 percent over bookstore prices, and books are delivered to the dorm of the recipient. Off-campus students will be able to meet a Nexus Trade employee at a discussed location.

The company is based around a Web site, NexusTrade.com. Here books are listed for sale, and any student can create an account in order to use the service provided by Nexus Trade.

A student needs only to register on the site and then he or she will be free to put as many books up for sale as desired with no fee or purchase from those already listed.


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