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Talent show cancellation spurs questions over who is at fault

Miscommunication and disorganization are possible reasons for the cancellation of the third annual junior class talent show, previously scheduled for March 19, though exactly who is at fault remains a discrepancy.

Tiffany Meredith, junior class president and pre-law major, blames the cancellation on the disorganization of Conference and Meeting Services (CMS).

Jenna Russo, who resigned from her position of conference coordinator of CMS for personal reasons last week, said she does not know where the blame should fall.

Meanwhile, students who had entered the talent show believe that the junior class officers were the disorganized ones.

Meredith said that the junior class officers requested Kendall Hall through Russo in September and were approved for Feb. 7. According to Meredith, Russo later pushed the date back to Feb. 21 on account of reconstruction to the theatre’s pit and then once again to March 19 due to overbooking.

Russo said that the date was officially set for March 19 on Jan. 30, which her computer verifies.

Meredith, however, said that she was not informed as early as Jan. 30, though she failed to give an exact date.

She said that the junior class only had about three weeks to publicize interest sessions and hold auditions, not counting Spring Break. Auditions were held the week of Feb. 22.

According to Meredith, the rushed preparations and publicity resulted in the junior class only selling about 100 tickets.

On March 19, the show was suddenly called off, which Meredith said happened for three reasons. The first was the snow that morning, although it caused only a two-hour

delay on campus. Meredith said the snow interfered with the travel

of out-of-state judges and guests


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