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At first meeting, SFB welcomes Klazmer and Bojdani to board

The Student Finance Board welcomed back its old members, but, more importantly, elected two new freshmen members, Erica Klazmer, open options business major, and Ermal Bojdani, biology major, to the board after interviewing four applicants.

The two other hopefuls were freshman Joe Stathius, chemistry major, and Ryan Marlborough, open options business major.

Before the interviews began, Craig Gross, SFB chairperson, announced that SFB would train its new freshmen members on Sunday evening.

“But Craig,” Julia Pratt, director of communications, interjected. “Do you realize the Eagles are playing the Giants then?”

While the board laughed, it came back to haunt an interviewee later when Stathius was asked if he would be able to attend the training session. Stathius hesitated.

“Giants tickets?” Gross asked, guessing at the reason.

“I’m so close to getting them,” Stathius admitted. “But I suppose I can make it.”

Klazmer said she wanted to join the board because of her interest in money.

“I play the stock market,” she said. “The board would help me learn about money.”

Klazmer also said she could understand the position of many organizations that are struggling with funding because she participated in clubs in high school that ran on shoestring budgets.

Stathius was interviewed next, and said that his organizational skills would be a benefit to the board. According to Stathius, Student Government Association (SGA) candidates are more interested in putting up signs and handing out candy than the actual issues, which is why he preferred SFB.

During his interview, Ermal Bojdani, an Albanian immigrant, said that being a member on the board would allow him to help groups in the College community. He said his communications and leadership skills set him apart from other applicants.

In response to a hypothetical query from Kyle Brownlie, junior representative, he said that he wouldn’t play personal favorites when it came to doling out SFB money.

Ryan Marlborough, the last applicant, was added onto the agenda last minute, as his application came in late. He said SFB would help him get experience in the business world and with money management.

Brownlie posed Marlborough a hypothetical question asking whether he’d give the last bit of SFB’s money to a successful intramural sports team looking to go to a tournament or a campus group looking to put on a concert on campus.

Marlborough responded that he would choose the concert because it benefits the entire campus community, rather than just the members of the intramural team, no matter how successful it might be.

After it had concluded all four interviews, SFB went into closed session to discuss the candidates and vote.

At about 3 p.m., SFB posted that Bojdani and Marlborough had been selected to fill the two freshmen representative positions. Marlborough, however, was unable to accept the position because the regular SFB meetings conflicted with his lacrosse schedule. SFB then offered the position to Klazmer, who accepted.


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