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Protestors and demonstrators abuse First Amendment liberties

Every American is guaranteed the rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Unfortunately the guarantee of intelligence and moral clarity is not one of them.

No, I am not echoing the demeaning comments that Michael Moore courageously makes in foreign countries about how all Americans are stupid.

Instead I am referring to the great multitudes of “useful idiots” who descended on New York City this past week to protest the Republican National Convention.

I have no problem with people protesting whatever they want, as it is their right. However the First Amendment right to freedom of speech also allows me to call them out to challenge their hypocrisy, willful blindness to the truth and utter stupidity.

The protests started out with a dilemma over Central Park. Radical left-wing groups like United for Peace and Justice demanded access to this very public place to hold their final demonstrations.

The city refused and instead granted them other locales. A simple “no” was not good enough for these people so they appealed and lost again. Then they had the gall to demand the city supply them with bottled water, free transportation and large speakers.

These whackos were going to turn the city upside down, disrupt people’s lives, cause the NYPD to be on stand-by 24/7 requiring millions of dollars and hundreds of man-hours to insure safety, while the protesters were ultimately plotting to accuse officers of brutality. They have the nerve to demand restitution?

Despite their failures to extort protection money out of the city, the “show must go on” and the protests went on drawing thousands of people, an impressive showing to be honest. Yet, who were these people and what was their message?

First, let us take a look at the groups represented in these marches. Besides the average Joe protester, appearances were made by such esteemed groups as the Black Panthers, anarchists, naked people against AIDS, people in pig snouts, and my two favorite anti-American organizations, United for Peace and Justice and International A.N.S.W.E.R. A fine group indeed.

Now let’s examine their message. There were many different liberal causes all fueled by an irrational, seething hatred for President George W. Bush.

All-in-all the main argument went along the lines of how the United States should pull out its troops from all over the world.

I agree.

Let’s pull out and tell the South Koreans that they are now at the mercy of the madman Kim Jong Il and his million man army. Let’s leave the people of Iraq at the mercy of thugs like al-Sadr and his militia and ruin any chance of a democracy in Iraq. Let’s pull out of Afghanistan and watch the country devolve into warlordism and once again become a bastion of terror.

Let’s withdraw entirely from Colombia and freely allow cocaine, heroin and marijuana which kill or incapacitate thousands of our citizens each year to enter this country.

How can you people be so blind?

There’s been a lot of talk of questioning patriotism and I won’t go there but I think it’s legitimate to question a person’s conception of reality. The United States has done some immoral things in our history, but all-in-all I believe America is a force for good in this world.

This is the land of opportunity and freedom where millions fled tyrannical regimes, like those A.N.S.W.E.R. and its ilk now seem to support, to seek a better life.

These “blame America first” leftists, I believe, are downright wrong.

No country in the history of the world has freed more people from oppression than the United States of America and we should be proud.

Every moral person will tell you that he or she supports peace.


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