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Monthly Archives: October, 2004

Donovan leads Lions with first-place finish

This past Saturday, the Lions cross-country teams traveled to the Lafayette College Invitational to participate in a primarily Division I meet. They competed against Columbia University, Princeton University and St. Joseph�s University. �We are getting faster and faster each week and I anticipate many outstanding individual performances this weekend,� head coach Tim Collins said before the race.

Wooster gives field hockey 1-0 win over Kean

The College's field hockey team out-shot, out-scored and out-played the Cougars of Kean University last Tuesday night for a 1-0 win. "We played our game," head coach Sharon Pfluger said. Junior midfielder Kaitlin Wooster scored the only goal of the game just 4:46 into play, for the Lions victory at Kean.

Stifling defense stretches shut-out streak to seven

While extending their shut-out streak to an impressive seven games, the College's women's soccer team defeated the University of Mary Washington on Saturday and improved to a 13-1-1 record on the season. Their current hot streak has earned them the No. 9 ranking in Division III.

Lions optimistic after first conference victory

The College's men's soccer team scored two goals for the first time in over a month to defeat Rutgers University-Newark last Wednesday and stay in contention for a playoff bid. The win was the first for the Lions in New Jersey Athletic Conference (NJAC) play.

Lions come back in second half against Colonials

The College's football team did not disappoint a packed Lions' Stadium on Saturday in its homecoming game against Western Connecticut State University. Trailing by 12 points at halftime, the Lions stormed back and won 34-26. The Lions didn't start off their Homecoming game the way they had hoped.

Letter to the Editor: Can Bush actually protect the U.S.?

To the Editor: Security-conscious N.J. voters should remember the following. Twice in the past five years the continental United States was targeted by would-be terrorists. The first threat occurred in December 1999 as the millennium approached.

Letter to the Editor: The truth and un-truth of on-campus drinking

To the Editor, In response to Matt Esposito's column, "The sober truth - drinking a detriment to college," published on Sept. 29: In his editorial, Matt deprecates Lollanobooza as "a flashy Band-Aid that is supposed to stop a gushing arterial wound of society.

Letter to the Editor: Free speech not an excuse for unsupported arguments

To the Editor: Matt Esposito claims that conservative voices are suppressed in America's schools. The irony is too much - a guy who writes a regular newpaper column claims that his ideas are being stifled? I too value free speech, but quality of speech also matters.

Letter to the Editor: Esposito boast hollow arguments against liberals

To the Editor: This is in response to Matt Esposito's "Pervasive liberal bias undermines academic freedom." I've read a number of bad arguments, but this one is particularly terrible. The main point states that the liberalness of the College is adversely affecting the freedom of conservative students, but the evidence is inadequate and completely impertinent.

Editorial: John Kerry for President

This time last year, we had our pick of 10 Democratic presidential candidates. Some of us liked Howard Dean, others wanted Wes Clark to win. Some of us just had too many options - "anyone but Bush," we'd say. Then almost out of nowhere, John Kerry nearly swept the primaries.

Susnick misses the mark on religion, God and Hitler

Well it has happened again. Some "heathen upstart" has dared to question my "divinely appointed authority to brainwash you all." Joking aside, regular readers of The Signal know I don't believe this and would never dream of indoctrinating anyone.

God’s existence extends beyond mere reason and logic

In the article "Proof of God can be found in core rational arguments," Todd Carter argues that God's existence can be proven by rational thought and logical argument. However, in saying this, he also implies that everyone who does not believe in God is being irrational, or at least unthinking.

Religion — not a prerequisite for living a fulfilling life

"I don't have the evidence to prove that God doesn't exist, but I so strongly suspect he doesn't that I don't want to waste my time." Undoubtedly, these are the words of an atheist. But what do they say of the speaker? The Signal's amateur theologians/columnists would have you believe this individual led a vapid, miserable and pointless life, for without God there is nothing .

Keep it in your pants–‘the hook up denigrates women’

The recent findings about "hook-ups" at the College have attracted quite a bit of publicity. Many are shocked that such a large number of people are engaging in meaningless sexual activity. I, however, think it is important that we now move beyond all of that and examine the human effects of this practice.
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