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Proof of God can be found in core rational arguments

It seems to me that in my last article on prayer, I was doing things a bit backwards.

In it, I made the claim that prayer is useful and it helps you live life well. I still believe this is true.

However, I did not go deep enough because I did not say what I actually believe prayer is: a deep communion with God.

But, before I could say that in an article in The Signal, I would first need to give a reasonable explanation for God’s existence because some people have a naturally atheistic bent.

Here is why I believe God exists.

My first argument is called the Argument of Causality. The world exists as a series of causes and effects. But, there is nothing which causes itself.

The first cause cannot be of this world because then the world would be self-caused.

So, the creator must be outside natural understanding. This Creator we call God, and Aquinas goes on for volumes describing the attributes of God.

My second argument has been termed the Argument from Desire.

The premise is that we desire many things but are never satisfied by those things.

Also, we cannot have desires that cannot be fulfilled because no other creature wants what is impossible for it to get. (Fish do not dream of breathing air and dolphins do not crave broccoli.)

Yet, humans are restless with what they have no matter what they have, whether it be the biggest car or the latest movie or dreams of fortune.

But, ultimately this does not satisfy. I call the satisfying of this desire the ultimate good, God. Without God, there are only three routes desire can take – oblivious optimism, jaded dissatisfaction or hedonism. None of these will lead toward a satisfying life.

Why does this make a difference? Belief in God is much more reasonable than people usually suppose.

In fact, despite what people think, religion is much more tolerant than atheism.

As a theist, I believe in a freedom of religion that allows people a freedom of conscience that allows them to understand God in whichever way they wish. Yet, the atheistic version of this basic freedom turns it into an oppression of all religion.

There are many instances of this oppression. For instance, in France any religious symbol in a public place, including a Muslim’s head scarf, is banned.

Also, look at the forced removal of all prayer at public school. The California Supreme Court that ruled that the pledge of allegiance was unconstitutional for even mentioning God.

There are many more instances of this and all done in the name of liberalism that is supposed to respect people of all beliefs.

What people fail to realize is that freedom of religion of this type enforces a whole new kind of religion.

The thing I find most ironic is that if there is no God, then why would anyone be offended by another’s belief in a god? To me, this is the greatest proof that there is a God.

So, I argue that people should be open to the possibility of God.

For, if there is something that exists that created you, then it is likely that that being created a way for you to know Him.

For those of you who are interested learning more about Christianity, then I suggest you read “Orthodoxy” by G.K. Chesterton or Gospel of Matthew chapter five and then the rest of the Gospel.

Above all, pray and always be in pursuit of truth whereever it leads you.


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