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SGA seeks improved communication with student organizations

Annelise Catanzaro, student trustee, described the Student Government Association’s effort to help student organizations on campus to become more involved in SGA proceedings at its meeting last Wednesday.

As of yet, the program, called the Student Diplomacy Program, is in its beginning stages. SGA sent a letter to every student organization inviting each to choose a student representative to serve as a diplomat to SGA. This person would be asked to take an active roll in meetings by presenting issues and concerns specific to their organization’s needs.

The position provides an excellent opportunity for students to pursue leadership rolls within their own organizations, while at the same time promoting campus unity. The only requirements would be weekly attendance of general body meetings and timely review of meeting minutes.

Catanzaro mentioned setting up an orientation program to familiarize the diplomats with SGA procedures, but at the present time no dates have been set.

“Our hope is that the College Diplomacy Program will create a more open line of communication between other organizations and the SGA,” Catanzaro said.

“We think it’s an excellent opportunity for other organizations to have a stronger voice in the SGA, and will give them the opportunity to bring forward important issues of their members,” she added.

Frank Cooper, director of Records and Registration, presented at the meeting to inform SGA of the new advising resources available to students as well as changes to the dismissal and academic probation policies.

Pedro Khoury, SGA executive president, announced SGA apponted Jason Schramm as its new webmaster.

Thea Schoenberg, vice president of Student Services, said that her committee had set the tentative date for the 24-hour student center as Dec. 15 to 21.

The SGA election drive was a success, according to Eric Pasternack, vice president of Legal and Governmental Affairs, who said more than 170 new voters registered and 300 absentee ballot applications were filled.


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