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SGA: Pilot program to reach out to on-campus students

In an attempt to increase communication between the student body and Student Government Association (SGA), Lauren LeBano, vice president of Academic Affairs, introduced a pilot program at last week�s SGA meeting designed to reach out to students in the residence halls and hear their concerns.

Two of LeBano�s concerns are to find out how students feel about the transformed courses that have been implemented at the College and to make sure that every student has an advisor in his or her specific school.

The Academic Affairs committee is asking senators to write reviews for Pick-A-Prof., an online program that rates professors on campus to give underclassmen an idea of how professors teach and which ones might benefit them.

SGA is also asking senators to meet with the deans of their schools and write a report detailing what is going on with students and any suggestions the students or deans have that SGA could possibly address.

The College�s scheduling committee said it needs a student representative from SGA for the fall semester to sit in on its meetings and to provide input from the student�s point of view.

SGA also reviewed the constitutions for the Financial Management Association National Honor Society and the Polish Club. These constitutions will be evaluated and SGA will decide if they are acceptable or not.

As there have been five senatorial resignations this semester, applications for new senators will be available in two weeks, SGA Executive President Pedro Khoury, said. �Resignations are something that happens, being a senator is a very demanding responsibility,� he said.

SGA said the budget should show an increase beginning with next month�s fundraising. The organization also needs a new Student Finance Board liaison as the person holding the position recently resigned.

Sodexho liaisons Jasmine Charlon and Joanna Holguin said they have been following up with student concerns.

Issues including the cleanliness of the dishes and utensils in Eickhoff Dining Hall, nutrition labels, food choices, the size of cups in Eickhoff Hall, and the dining halls running out of food items have all been brought to them.

They also said students need to fill out more surveys for Edith�s Place and Brower Student Center to give Sodexho more information to use to improve its service.

Sodexho�s response, the liaisons said, is that the company is working on resolving the issues.

The liaisons said all student questions for Sodexho that have not been answered are being typed up and will hopefully be submitted by the week of Oct. 10.

Sodexho will also be holding theme nights that include, Football Frenzy, Flavors of Fall Festival and a costume party.

The liaisons said the Flavors of Fall Festival and the costume party will be on Oct. 27. Football Frenzy would allow students to possibly win prizes.


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