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Students with ‘fall only’ housing must move

Some students at the College who were originally scheduled to move into the new Apartments in Spring 2005 have recently received e-mails informing them that their room assignments will expire at the end of the Fall 2004 semester.

Prior to the spring semester, these students must either move to another room that is available on campus or move off campus.

According to John Stafford, director of Residence and Community Development, affected students were assigned �fall only� rooms.

Study Abroad students who move back in during the spring semester must take their �spring only� room assignments that they chose prior to participating in the Study Abroad program.

While this process is a norm for the College, many students have complained that they were uninformed their room assignments were to last for only one semester.

�You would think that Res Life would be a little more conscious of students� housing assignments, especially during all this turmoil that is occurring with the construction,� Alexis Quintana, senior psychology major, said.

In response to the complaints of the uninformed students, Stafford said, �With the recent chaoticness of the on-campus construction, there is a possibility that we saw a vacancy and just put (the students) there. We did move hundreds of students about four or five times. This case is unheard of, however, and the odds are miniscule.�

During the housing lottery process, students waiting for housing assignments are given a vacancy list which states the status of the room in which they choose to live.

Some students on the waiting list also get their room assignments via telephone conversation with someone from the department of Residence and Community Development.

�During the telephone conversation, students are told whether their room is a fall or spring only assignment. Could somebody have forgotten to do this? Sure,� Stafford said.

Pedro Khoury, SGA President, said �Due to the construction, it has been difficult for Res Life to accommodate some students. However, the Student Government Association will promptly get on this issue and try to represent these students as efficiently as possible.�

According to Khoury, any students with housing concerns can contact Thea Schoenberg, vice president of Student Services of the Student Government Association.

Jocelyn Charl�n, junior nursing major, sympathizes with students affected by this situation. �I was really upset that I got Centennial because, as an upperclassman, you don�t expect to get the worse housing. It�s a shame that upperclassmen that did get good housing don�t even get what they were promised,� Charl�n said.

Students needing new rooms may find salvation in those students students who decided after the fall semester that they will participate in the Study Abroad program during the spring semester. The department of Residence and Community Development said it tries to accommodate students with �fall only� room assignments and attempts to move them to these vacant rooms left by these Study Abroad students.

Students can also go to a Web site if they need help finding off-campus housing at

On this site, there are tips for living off campus, �apartment for rent� listings, and �roommate wanted� listings.


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