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Pilot program lets students voice concerns outside of SGA meetings

Spurred by lagging attendance at Student Government Association (SGA) meetings, SGA has begun a pilot program involving members of SGA visiting students in their residence halls and at Brower Student Center to ask them about any concerns they may have.

Lauren LeBano, vice president of Academic Affairs, which is heading the pilot program, thinks it is important to “get out and talk to more people besides the time when (they’re) trying to get elected.”

The Academic Affairs committee said it plans to meet with students at least once a month. The committee is made up of LeBano, Kris Moore, junior class president, Chris Kuhn, junior class secretary, Blair Gumnic, senator of science, Laura DeLucia, senator-at-large and Sam Schneider, senator of business.

LeBano said most students have been telling them that Carte Blanche “sucks.”

Other popular issues with the students the committee has talked to include a lack of parking spaces, conflicts with the new scheduling grids, equipment not being maintained in the Physical Enhancement Center (PEC) in Packer Hall, and safety on campus.

LeBano said after hearing the students’ concerns, she notifies the appropriate committee of SGA so the problem can be addressed.

Tara Roche, senior English major, said she thinks the pilot program is a good idea. “Some people may want the chance to talk to SGA about a problem but can’t make it to the meetings or feel uncomfortable speaking at them,” she said.

However, not all students are impressed with SGA’s attempts. Kevin Turner, sophomore computer science major said, “I guess it’s alright, but I think if people actually had a problem that SGA could help with, they would just (go to) SGA.”

Danielle Sutton, senior sociology major, also doubts whether the pilot program have an impact.

LeBano said she feels that the program has been a success thus far, and has recommended to the SGA executive board that it be continued in the future. “We plan to continue. I know my committee will do it at least once a month,”


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