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Election 2004 is over, but the laughter never ends at

Election 2004 is officially over, but a chance to poke fun at both candidates is always welcome even after the final decision has been made. To take advantage of this opportunity, look no further than, a Web site that features two cartoons that humiliate and mock both President George Bush and Sen. John Kerry but fully entertain the viewer.

The first, entitled “This Land,” is performed by the two candidates to the tune of “This Land is Your Land” and features them ridiculing everything for which they stand. The second is called, “Good to be in D.C!” and includes such figures as John Edwards, Dick Cheney and even Governor James E. McGreevey in a parody about who will be accepted into the White House.

Though neither animation professes to support a specific candidate, each is highly amusing and worth the time it takes to load just to watch Kerry tout his three purple hearts as most important and to see both candidates play the flute as the song ends.

Despite other more racy moments in these songs, both cartoons prove hilarious and are the perfect thing to watch to end the insanity that was Election 2004.


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