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Bass and lights program will allow hearing impaired to ‘feel the beat’

With the influx of new mp3 players and download sites (paid, of course), it’s hard to imagine life without a soundtrack playing in the background.

For some people, it’s that new Britney Spears song with the hypnotic dance beat and raunchy lyrics. To others, it’s Kanye West’s intelligently wise-ass songs. Regardless of musical taste, however, everyone has an opinion on what music is.

But, consider for a minute if you were deaf. What, then, would music be to you?

Later this month, students at the College will have the chance to find out and become more educated in the process at the bass and lights program “Feel the Beat.”

The program, which is open to non-students as well as students, will take place at 8 p.m., Tues., Nov. 23 in the Travers/Wolfe main lounge.

Nick Terzulli, Townhouses South community coordinator, thought up “Feel the Beat” while brainstorming ideas for a benefit program.

“I just thought about the thing that means the most to me and that’s music. I realized that there are some people out there that can’t experience music the same ways I do.”

To raise awareness, Terzulli decided to put on a drum and bass event that would be entertaining to those who are hard of hearing as well as something educational and fun for those who are capable of hearing.

“The emphasis of the program is how the hard of hearing can feel low frequencies,” explained Terzulli.

The benefit, which will consist of loud mixes of drum and bass beats on four large speakers, will be much more than a student-only program. Students from the Marie H. Katzenbach School for the Deaf will attend. Additionally, the Deaf and Hearing Connection at the College has advertised the event to other colleges throughout the state.

While there will be no admission cost for the program, donations are requested. All money received will be donated to the Marie H. Katzenbach School. Each person who donates will receive a pamphlet with information about hearing loss.


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