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Letter to the Editor: Students thank former chair for dedication

To the Editor:

On Nov. 4 members of the College community were stunned to learn that Dr. Daniel Crofts, Chair of the history department, was stepping down from his position. In an e-mail to history students and faculty, Crofts stated that he had “resigned as Chair of the department, effective immediately.” Crofts, who held the position for the past eight years, will fortunately continue on as a professor at the College.

When we first read the e-mail we were stunned; nevertheless, we knew why Crofts acted this way. Since the day the College adopted the transformed curriculum, Crofts fought the school of Education on behalf of the students.

Over the past year, the secondary education program has intended to implement new professional courses at the expense of more worthwhile content courses; further, they intend to devalue courses which provide indispensable field experience, such as JPE. It is noteworthy to state that much more is learned from a day in a high school classroom than a month in Forcina.

Crofts disagrees with these reforms, and unfortunately such an effective and involved chairperson has to resign in order to take a stand for his students. It is rare for department leaders to make constant efforts to learn every major’s name and host advising sessions every semester; yet it is not unusual from Crofts. He is genuinely concerned for the welfare of his students in this tumultuous transitional process.

We feel a great wrong has been committed when a professor who continually aids students in their battles is defeated by the school of Education’s transformed curriculum. In an effort to always improve our reputation, the College tends to lose sight of what’s really important. Crofts has a clear vision for his students, knows what is beneficial to them and recognizes that they are the most essential part of the College community.

In conclusion, we would like to thank Crofts for all his hard work throughout the years; it has not gone unnoticed.

-Joe Donatiello, Jennifer Gurick, Vanessa Hernandez, Kimberly Lowden, Kimberly Reynolds, Maria Socaciu, et al


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