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Flag football team off to the Big Easy

The Student Finance Board (SFB) again heard Intramural flag football’s request for funding to attend the ACIC Nike Flag Football National Championship in New Orleans, at its Nov. 10 meeting. While the board refused to formally consider the request two weeks ago over concerns at the $6,696 price tag last week, it approved a lowered $1,631 figure by a vote of 11-2.

Diane Yee, senior business administration major, explained that the team understood that SFB was concerned about the cost of the previous request and proposed that the team would fund both flights and rooms out of pocket, leaving the board only paying for the entry fee and vehicle rentals while the team is in New Orleans.

She argued for the value of the tournament, saying that, “nationally, intramurals is an off-campus activity.” She also addressed concerns that the board was essentially funding a vacation for the team over New Year’s Eve in New Orleans.

Yee explained that the only reason the tournament is held that week is because the winning team plays in an exhibition game at the Sugar Bowl before the game is held. The Sugar Bowl will be Jan. 3 this year.

The majority of the board was sympathetic toward the team, whose members will now be paying over $600 each to attend the tournament.

Matthew Civiletti, Student Government Association (SGA) vice president of administration and finance, said that while he “didn’t see any tangible benefits” to the tournament, because the team was paying so much out-of-pocket, he was inclined to fund them.

“Just because we’re throwing away less money doesn’t meant we’re not throwing away money,” Kyle Brownlie, junior representative, said.

While several board members wavered about their vote – Brittinie Wilkins, freshman representative, muttered “never again,” after she cast her “aye” vote – flag football did receive its entire revised request.

SFB also funded $2,241 of a $3,041 request with a unanimous vote for two if its members and four members from the College Union Board (CUB) to attend the National Association of Campus Activities conference in Minneapolis, Minn. from Feb. 11 to 15.

Lisa Caputo, CUB event coordinator, said that the conference would allow CUB to see what acts will be drawn before CUB books them on campus. Gross added that having SFB members attend would allow SFB to “understand the process that all of our organizations are going through” when they plan events.

Tim Asher, SFB advisor, said that the conference has three primary focuses. First, there are workshops at which attendees can learn about programming, such as negotiating with agents.

Second, there are showcases, at which attendees can see samples of acts they might want to bring to campus, and third, there is a “marketplace” where attendees can meet agents and performers to network with the people they often deal with via e-mail or phone.

Keeping with its own policies, the board required itself to cover 70 percent of the conference costs, leaving only 30 percent to come from the Student Activities Fee.

The board is paying $200 for each of its members attending, or $400 total, toward the cost from its fund-raising line, and the six attendees are each paying $350 out-of -pocket.

The board also required CUB to contribute $550 per person, and suggested that CUB take the extra $200 per person above the $350 personal contribution out of its fundraising line as SFB did.

SFB unanimously funded three other requests. It approved $427.80 out of the travel line for PEANUTS and the Jewish Student Union (JSU) to pay for N.J. Transit tickets for 40 students to see “The Producers” in New York City. PEANUTS and JSU are subsidizing $6 of the cost of each theater ticket, meaning the show will only cost students $30.

Ink received $375.55 in funding to keep the Rathskellar open later for its student-run arts festival, “the goods,” while CUB received $677 for a bus to “Comic Strip Live,” a comedy club in New York City.

The Financial Management Association (FMA), which was scheduled to request a new club budget, did not attend, and its request was tabled.


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